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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Poll: Record Lows for Obama on Foreign Policy

He still has a bunch of people that think he can do no wrong. At 32% he is extremely lucky, he should be in the teens. Sooner or later he will be. What a disaster he has, is and will be.
President Obama will be POTUS until 2017, like Bush, learn to deal with it and quit whining.
This President is a horses rear and I cant wait til he gone, would love to see him resign. There, thats dealing with it.
He's not resigning so STFU, that's dealing with it.SB
Speedy take a ride south you stupid asswipe.
No, you take a walk on a short pier and see if you float.SAB
<yawn>. Post away.
I have all night, what about you? LOL
LiLSpeedy says "President Obama will be POTUS until 2017, like Bush,"

Wow, I really seriously missed something. How did Bush get to be President until 2017 with Obama?

"learn to deal with it and quit whining."
Think, Bigot tactics don't work with me. As long as you understand what I am saying is all that matters sport. see my posts for all your tactics.LOL
BTW, Think you used bigot tactic #1. This is the one that is first used by all bigots.
Well, I certainly don't see how I treated you with hatred or intolerance!

I also certainly don't see how your inability to communicate in a cogent manor makes me a bigot.

Then again, unlike you, I don't know everything!
I don't expect you to see or notice what you are doing wrong. It's just that your kind is so predictable. When you don't have jack-sh1t to say, the first thing bigots do is check grammar. How sad. Go ahead help yourself sport. SMH
LiLSpeedy says "It's just that your kind is so predictable."

My kind Eh? That sounds like stereotyping to me.

Excuse me if I am wrong, sir, but don't bigots like to stereotype?
Did I stutter? You can call it what you like, but to me you have all the characteristics of a bigot.
Well sir I did not say you stuttered I said you stereotyped.

Bigots like to stereotype.

Well Think as far as I am concerned you are nothing more than a mere bigot. You and I can do this tap dance all night won't be the first. Trust me.
Ok, you don't know me and have not ever met me and you believe I am a bigot.

Do you often make snap judgements?

Bigots like to make snap judgements.

Have you ever considered improving your logic and analytical skills?
I have a Master's degree in Mathematics and Science. I think my analytical and logic skills are exceptional as stated on the numeral awards I received from teaching for 31 years in the largest school system in Georgia. No, I'm retired and loving it. I helped to educate thousands of children. What have you done lately?
Ok, I'll bite. You started off by claiming that I criticized your grammar and I quote

"I don't expect you to see or notice what you are doing wrong. It's just that your kind is so predictable. When you don't have jack-sh1t to say, the first thing bigots do is check grammar. How sad. Go ahead help yourself sport. SMH"

How did I claim your grammar was bad?
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