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Monday, September 1, 2014


GOP, Are You Ready to Reach Out to Blacks Yet?

Well, well, well...a Conservative brutha speaking out on racial tensions from his own party. I beg to differ on many fronts here with respect to his ideologies. I know that all (R)'s aren't on that 'hate the black race' bandwagon but, so many are...they are. If this guy wants to start somewhere then let him go straight to Mississippi and dissect those issues. The blacks there elected a (R)...a Conservative (Cochran) and the OPPOSING REPUBLICAN (McDaniel) still found it unfair that he lost to the BLACK VOTE. He just couldn't handle it, and, had he won there would've been complete silence on his part. He would've congratulated his opponent on a tough 'race' (pun intended on race) and moved on thinking, "I trumped over all their black a$$es!!"

You could see it in his mannerism and hear it in his voice that he hated losing to blacks and he tried to find all sorts of wrong-doing from his opponent. To this day nothing has been found even after having went to court...and the judge threw that dumb $hit out. For your reference:

Guess what? There's going to be more of this same thing 'cause the 'bad apples' can't help but to's a power trip for them ala Rick Perry. He was too big to be brought down...or was he? As it stands, under these felony indictments, he cannot carry a concealed handgun any more or purchase any new guns for two years. Will he claim this is a violation of his Second Amendment right while it's also the LAW? Will he call out Obama and say it's his fault that he can't carry now? Why hasn't Perry openly continued pursuit/support for the lawsuit against Obama's abuse of power? He hasn't said a word in weeks on this issue. How ironic is all of this? There are stipulations, though, on the property control aspect of carrying.

For most 'hardcore' caucasian (R)'s, it's too much like right to try and get along with anything close to black. It's been proven that blacks reach out to whites 50% more in a genuine effort to get along. We still have whites that don't like to be in the same building as blacks. We still have whites that offer a substandard level of service and help to blacks....all while we're tickled to death to help them and prove we're more than competent of delivering. It's ridiculous. How about the white lady sitting next to black lady on the airplane that said, "She just couldn't sit next to her." Check it out:

This stuff cannot be made up... so many whites are full of hatred. For this reason, lots of blacks lower themselves to hate whites as well. This spills over into the political realm of things just as we have here within this site. Always ready to knock down blacks and (D)'s while giving whites and (R)'s a pass on ALL FRONTS. These people have no poker face at all and I'm sure they suck at the real card game. These types of white folks cannot even make good eye contact because they're ashamed and afraid to. I intentionally glare into their eyes while talking to them. Even after they've broken contact and looked back at me, I'm still right there. This is when discussing sensitive subjects...politics. They become slightly pinkish, then, altogether red...and embarrassed when I start hitting home about hatred. I'm smiling the entire time. When a man cannot even shake the President's hand during a joint meeting to address a common issue, and define 'professionalism', that's real hatred. Perry cannot even hide poker face available. End game.

Now, let's address another Presidential 'equivalent' in terms of letters. I've already told you people, when you're ready to crack one egg, be ready to crack two. They're in the same carton just on 'different sides.'

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