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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Why Rick Perry Will Be Convicted

Veto threat and resignation request happen all the time in government. There will be a lot of politicians indited if this goes through.
Actually, this was much, much closer to blackmail. Hell, the president has even mentioned vetoing certain things in the past and the (R)'s never came close to even thinking of filing charges for a veto or requesting resignation from him. Then, the (R)'s refused to released the funds for roads and bridges due to conflicts with the President but, you didn't see Obama request any resignations. It's going to come out...that and other things. If you really try, you can make sense of anything and find the absolute truth and motive behind it all. But, you must get rid of the bias and hatred FIRST. True stuff right there.
Rick Perry is a dumb azz, and with his glasses he looks even dumber. LMAO
Well, it's just about time for him to turn himself in for photos and prints if he hasn't already. This is a real and live booking on legit charges, people...ain't no theatre-play stuff involved. I realize he has the most successful trial lawyer around here but, he's gonna need a lot more than that when they prove he grossly broke the law as a public servant. What's so strange is that he hasn't said one word, in a while now, about the President supposedly abusing his power with executive orders. The kicker? He's the one that led the whole movement off right here in Texas.

The irony is almost too much for an intelligent brutha like myself. But, I can dig it!!! See, let me tell you what the deal really is. Most (R)'s like him simply get way too big for their britches...they think they can do no wrong because their constituents vow their loyalty EVEN WHEN THE PERSON IN QUESTION IS IN THE WRONG. They feel invincible and think their money and stature will outweigh charges. Not gonna happen. This trial is gonna change a whole lot of power trips here in Texas. I have no issue with public servants from either side 'properly and ethically performing their jobs' but, this is a reckless power trip.

Then, we have congress suing the President one day while openly telling him, THE VERY NEXT DAY, TO ACT ON HIS OWN WITH THE BORDER CRISIS. WTF is wrong with these people????? Don't believe me?

You know, I think back when he and the President met up to go have a looksie at the border first hand and it was so unprofessional, on Perry's part, to not even shake Obama's hand. I mean, what was it going to hurt? Even if it was fake, it would've just 'looked better and professional' on his part. Naaahh, he's the tough guy that abhor's all things Obama and (D)'s...insomuch that he ain't shakin' no stinkin' (D)'s hand...a black one at that. Easy, killah.

I guess Perry had it fixed in his mind that, "I'm gonna show that Chris Kristie how it's SUPPOSED to be done!!!!" Now, he's a laughing stock and ain't nobody trying to go down with him, either...'cause it's serious. You know, I'm almost wanting to include 'reverse bribery' in this deal. After all, he refused monies under unlawful terms. It's a shame that Hillary won't get the chance to smash his a$$ in the 2016 debate now. I was so looking forward to it.
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