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Friday, August 22, 2014


How Al Sharpton became Obama's go-to man on race

I sure hope these two don't fall for the hype. Both have been civil rights fighters most of their adult life. There is more than enough going on to keep them both busy. Keep your egos in check and keep fighting for a common cause, because a house divided against itself, cannot stand.
Yeah, but this article ain't nothing. Even the one about Hannity and Smith arguing about the Ferguson shooting ain't raising no hell. Look at the article at the top of the page and check out the one about Black Texans Protesting Police Violence By Exercising Right To Openly Carry Guns. Whoah!!! Seems it's cool as long as all the 'other than black' people carry theirs and talk about violation of their rights. Now, we have bruthas and sistas walkin' around LEGALLY PACKIN' and EXERCISING, too. Hmmmm. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em comes to mind here. "When the rabbit's got the gun..." Boy, boy, boy...I can't wait to see how the NRA addresses BLACKS OPENLY PACKIN'.

There is serious problem at hand when a guy can lie down in the desert and POINT AN AUTOMATIC WEAPON AT FEDERAL AGENTS and not be charged...BUNDY CASE. I don't trust this prosecutor in the Ferguson deal any farther than my man Stevie Wonder can see. Al Sharpton has, in fact, changed from what he once was. He's still very aggressive but, he focuses more on the facts and compares them to previous outcomes that were biased and unfair. Jesse has calmed down from his former aggression due to other things transpiring in his life. He's still an advocate for black civil liberties, though.

You know, there's a reason why we don't see WHITE ACTIVISTS standing up for such things with their people. In all truth, they get their way ALL THE TIME when fatalities occur. Once it hits the courts, no matter how bad and grotesque the fatality, the guy get's off clean. This goes all the way back to what happened to EMMIT TILL....which was HORRIFIC!!! They got off clean. People got all pissed when OJ was acquitted, though...they forgot about ALL OF WHAT HAPPENED PRIOR TO THIS. I don't condone what happened but, people should really check themselves on the history of white on black violence and FATALITIES.

Look at what the Ferguson Police did to Henry Davis back in 2009. Beat the living snot out of an innocent man that they misidentified from the start. He was a welder with a good job. They beat him and then charged him for BLEEDING ON THEIR UNIFORMS...AFTER THEY BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF HIM...WRONGLY. Then, they withdrew their 'statements' of him bleeding on them in their depositions. PERJURY...which they weren't charged with. Black people are sick and tired of this non-sense.

This is what I found in looking for a 'conservative' perspective on the Dillon shooting:

I can respect these views in full. What bother me, though, is the name of the website...young'cons'.com. I'm not a silly man, and, I know what it means but just think about that for a second or so...CONS.

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