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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Obama Is 'Barney Fife' in the Face of ISIS Threat

Typical repubs gibberish. Try to portray your opponent weak because one does not agree with your war mongering mentality. The ISIS threat would be much worst if a repub was in office now. How much proof does one needs to convince them that going into a sovereign country uninvited is bad foreign policy?
Yep, they want war so bad that they don't have a strategy but they disagree with all things the president's ideas. LMBAO! He should drag all the (R)'s into one room, sit their dumb a$$es down, and tell them to come up with a detail plan of attack on ISIL in Iraq, and, how to expand it into Syria. I'd ask them to give me a specific number of troops (boots on the ground) needed to initially head the invasion, where to position them, and the whole back forty...ALL ON THEM. Their answer? "Well, Mr. President, it's only our job to discuss liabilities and vote on the war...not to plan the intricacies of it." The President's answer should be, "Then shut the phuck up and let me do my job with my squad, okay. If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the phuckin' problem, dumba$$es!"

"Of, course, Mr. President."
Lucky Loser, you are one for calling the kettle black, you dumba$$. The Republicans have tried to sit down with him, but HIS sorry a$$ is either on the golf coarse or on vacation. Obama does not have squads and he is not a Commander-In-Chief!!
LilSpeedy, you should know.. ISIS & ISIL are in our country, uninvited, along with all the other illegal aliens crossing over our southern border. They aren't here looking for manual labor.

Lucky Loser, one of the first things Obama did to Republicans is shut the door on them in the Obamacare development.. he told them 'We won'. Harry Reid has shut down all options to fix Obamacare, leaving Obama to modify Obamacare via executive orders. Harry Reid has tabled and refused to put over 400 bills passed by the Republican led House into committee, including appropriations. The few times Obama has invited Rs to his office to discuss options, it begins and ends with Obama saying 'my way or nothing, and we'll blame it on you'.

While the world burns, Obama is fundraising and golfing. Zero leadership. Zero effectiveness. Zero respect worldwide. ISIS, ISIL, and al Qaeda laugh and mock him every chance they get. Obama is an embarrassment to the free world and the USA.
Piaceri, It's the home grown terrorists I'm worried about. The ones that are born and raised in America are under the radar. These are the people we better watch. They are traitors and hate America.
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