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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ferguson: Protesters Lash Out at Obama & Sharpton "You Haven't Changed Nothin. F*ck Y'all!"

More good wishes for the "O" team and the cling on.
Protesters - I echo that sentiment.
You can't believe everything you read. Journalist put their hook on it in order to get your attention. They are masters at taking things out of context. Only the gullible fall for their tricks of the trade.
ms. lil sh1tty STFU whining puss face troll dipsh1t... nobody gives a sh1t what drivel crap you write, do yourself a favor & STFU you're an idiot making up droll excuses for the misery your master barry and his coke dealer al charlatan are stoking up in St. Louis.
Jarasan you need to crawl back into the sewer you came out of. You are a cry baby and a punk. You talk a lot, but is too yellow to back any of it up. You are just a vile mouth bigot that is looking for attention. No one wants to be bothered with your ignorant azz so you troll like a sissy. ESADMF
This whole fiasco is an education in biased reporting. People who were there (and whom the news has mostly ignored) say that the person who was shot and another guy blocked the police car from moving. Then there was a scuffle, the police officer was beaten, and they tried to take his gun. That's when he fired.
Photos from Ferguson show obvious looters running out of stores with doors and windows bashed in and are captioned, "Man leaving a store in Ferguson, Mo."
Absolutely pathetic.

Here's a comment to a news article:

The other side of the story: Witnesses say that the teen (who was 6'4" 300lbs) and another stood in front of the police car to stop him from going on a call. When the officer got out, he was pushed back in the car and beaten. Again he tried to get out of the car, and again he was beaten back, He took out his revolver and threatened to shoot. The teen threw up his hands and dared him to shoot. He didn't, and tried to get out of the car a third time. Again he was forced back, and this time he opened fire. This is an eyewitness account from several people, not a police account. The officer had contusions and his eye had swollen shut.

Here's another:

Looks like the media once again ran with a story without having all of the facts. Witness that lived in a complex right where this happened are starting to come forward with the truth. You got to feel for the innocent victims of the looting and attacks. There is a report of a white male who was protesting the shooting being viciously attacked. Michael Brown appears to have a criminal history as well.

Sooner or later, the truth will come out. As I said in another post," you just don't shoot someone for walking in the street". @Speedy and your girlfriend, What does that make you two bigots look like? Give us some more of your BS, about being Black. Obama sticks his foot in his mouth again.
Carbob I don't give a rat's AZZ about nothing bigots like you have to say. So GFYP.
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