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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Black Texans Protest Police Violence by Exercising Right to Openly Carry Guns

I wonder how all this will fare. I mean, if look at Georgia's 'Guns Everywhere' deal, it's like a 'trickle down' effect...pun intended on 'trickle down.' By that, I mean it eventually will not work as Georgia is experiencing lots of issues. I saw a commercial excerpt where the 'waitresses' were carrying pistols while delivering meals to customers. There are people that like this sort of thing and they're most definitely entitled to their opinions. However, how much sense does it REALLY make? Will a couple that has a baby feel all nice and comfy with all those guns looming around?

What kind of message does it send to little boys and girls? That they're not even reasonably safe anywhere at all? Hmmmm, a piece of pie or cake topped with 9mm casings. At the nursing home visiting a loved one and you see a host of shot guns pass by their room. Oh, wait a minute!!! Let's have everyone walking around the MOVIE THEATRE packin' so we can REALLY NOT KNOW WHO'S THERE TO KILL UP A BUNCH OF FOLKS AGAIN. Yeah, that's the TICKET!! Pun intended once again. I'm not unreasonable and know that's it's good being able to protect one's self. But, the element of surprise has long been lost here...and the person with a gun with bad intentions has better knowledge on how to prepare for his massacre. He already doesn't care about dying so it doesn't matter to them that some of the boys are strapped.

In fact, this type of thing may actually FURTHER EXCITE a deranged person causing them to really strap up with some super heavy sh*t so he can act out, in real life, his war games played on PS4. It's happened and it's documented. Well, that's Georgia's deal. I see Texas folks as tired of much of the same stuff as Ferguson. Shooting an unarmed AMPUTEE in a wheel chair? More cases to comb through than I care to describe. This sort of thing scares good people and makes them not trust officers' all. Though they have the right to use deadly force under specific circumstances, there is no reason to use it if the detained person is CLEARLY UNARMED. Hell, an officer that hunts deer will TURN AND RUN IF THAT DEER CHARGES HIM...and he has rifle then. Let a moose charge and officer...he won't shoot it, he'll try and get away. They respect animals and wild game moreso than human life. World, we have a problem...a serious one.

Oh, but an unarmed citizen poses a much, much higher threat to him...bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. "Whew, I think I got him!" Deers aren't even shot SIX TIMES. I'm still warming up.

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