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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado

Come to Michigan, you can get your hair done, nails done, some booze, cigarettes, gas, supplies to run your undocumented illegal business, such as, hot dog stand, catering business, kids parties, buy crap loads of fundraiser candy and throw you kids outside a grocery store for hours in the scorching heat or freezing cold, you can turn your front lawn into a BBQ business, your garage into a party store.
All of this on the tax payers dime, meanwhile, these same piles of craps deplete the food stores from the food banks .
Just yesterday we had a woman buy sugar floss, that's what you make cotton candy with, she bought snow cone syrup, ice, hot dogs and buns, lemonade mix, candy bars, chips, all the things she uses to run her kids parties with, she makes very good money doing this, She used her EBT to the tune of 608 dollars.
Time to redo the welfare system.
Sully - that is disgusting.
Ms Emilyg it is disgusting that one would have that much time on their hand to hate so much ,I have never witness such from people before. Sad !!;)
Well go look in the mirror weezy, Fraud is not okay, sorry you have no moral compass, taking money out of false pretenses is fraud, it's a crime, just like the woman who has ebt from 3 different states, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia, that's GREED.
How about all the people who get 2 cards from using aliases, oh yes seen a lot of that, these women go by 2 different names all the time, had one lady last name spelled Green on one card and Greene on the other, I hope Michigan finds a way to crack down and put these imposters in jail along with the people at Social services who are helping to do this.
Like I said, Sully disgusting the thing you have in your thread that could land your a** in jail ,don't be surprise ,I heard of you long before I join this site. So rude ,so nasty! so rude so nasty! side eye;)
You can't handle the truth, Bruuhahahahahahahahahahaha
lilluv - I take it you approve of people stealing from our pockets. I have no respect for thievery.
No, Ms Emilyg that will never happen in my vocabulary stealing isn't part of my make up, but looks can be deceiving and you can't always judge a book by it's cover right.;)
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