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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Republicans rant but offer no solutions


Nothing new here. They feared and slammed the Affordable Care Act from day one and for very good reasons as it's being reported on daily. They bashed it but, not only did they NOT have a better solution, they HAD NO SOLUTION or any ideas for one. Deny all things this president no matter what…no matter how silly we look, no matter how the people tell us to get it done. They sit on funds needed for basic operations to run this country but, are gung-ho ready to 're-round up' our soldiers and send 'em right back to Iraq INSTANTLY…spending monies we just don't have to spend ON THAT. Sure, we have interests there but, we have to fight smarter with our technologies now.

Hey, I can tell y'all exactly who has the solution(s) right now…and it's a woman. Nope, not my girl Hillary…it's one of YOUR SMARTEST WOMEN ever and is Republican. Enter Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and her comments about "bringing it DOWN to a woman's level." Yeah, she has validated that their Republican males speak way beyond their comprehension…speak in ways they cannot readily understand. She basically says that the women cannot understand the men's talking points…AND THAT THE MEN NEED TO TALK DOWN TO THEM. Then, Ellmers tried to say that the 'LEFT' mis-quoted her completely but, the 'LEFT' had nothing to do with the initial circulation of it.

Enter Ashe Schow, a Republican writer for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER and also part of the Heritage. She is the person that put this information out…not the 'LEFT'. But, she sure tried to blame on the 'LEFT'. When I actually 'listened' to Ellmers speak, I noticed how soft spoken and genuine she was… a FAR, FAR cry from the 'dislikes' of Sarah Palin. Just go check it out and I wanna see what the women folk here say about it. Actually, there are nothing but women folk from the Republican side posting in these entries…so I'll hear from everybody anyway. LMBAO!

Now, let's talk about this Phil Gingrey…Georgia Republican and his take on the border issue. He said, in an interview, that the border agents said that these kids are coming over here and bringing all these diseases…particularly one that shoots down the bulk of his argument. He says that these kids are bringing EBOLA here. Can someone here do me a favor and confirm where EBOLA is ONLY FOUND and why? It was found in the U.S. but, NOT IN HUMANS. Texas Observer says that these children are more than likely vaccinated and actually even more so than kids here slightly.

I send a trend here: Iraqis have weapons of mass destruction, Iraqis have obtained great quantities of uranium for a nuclear bomb, these kids are bridging EBOLA here. Republicans fear doing things the right way so they lie. This reminds me of the China Town Quarantine back the 1900's since I've studied it. Now, they had reason to do what they did because they had PROOF. There's not an iota of proof on this EBOLA deal never will be. Sure, they may have common colds or something else but, in all these years past, THEY HAVEN'T YET BROUGHT AN EPIDEMIC HERE. I'm not saying we need to keep them here and take care of them. I'm just focusing on all the BS rhetoric around the same thing that's been going on all the time before now. It's pitiful.

I'm gonna give you idiots a freebie today. I've dubbed you and your thoughts as 'one liner whiners'…and it's true. Well, you can call me the 'FULL PAGE RAGE' because it's also true…and I'm proud of it. LMBAO…again!!!! Now, come on 'Rovers'…whatcha got?
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