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Sunday, July 13, 2014


President Obama is "absolutely" the most transparent president in history

Another delusional press secretary. Obama is as transparent as mud.
Old news.
Personally, I think President Obama is very transparent. He proves every day, he is not qualified to be President!!!!
posted by CARBOB : 4:48 AM
Great observation CARBOB.
That response needs to be used every time an article pops up about his transparency.
Carbob is correct!!!!!!
He may not be the most transparent but, he hasn't hidden nowhere close to what the last president did...and he hasn't lead people astray. Yeah, some of his foreign policies were flawed and his Obamacare roll out was botched up a bit. So what. Look at Bush's foreign policy on Iraq right now today. Look at how Bush had to postpone his Medicare Part D roll out when he was in office and how botched up it was. It's cool to rank on Obama from a point of purely wanting to appease one's self and that's it.

However, when compared side by side, Obama hasn't done bad at all. Insurance companies are doing very well with his policy, and, 70%+ of Republicans are enrolled and satisfied with their coverage and jobs have actually been created because of it...not lost. I watch FOX daily and have yet to see them report and DISPUTE on these findings as MSNBC has reported on.

The reason he isn't so 'transparent' for the usuals is because he's in 'the dark'...pun intended. No matter how hard you try to hide it, it's still right there plain as day. Well, whaddaya know? You people are actually very transparent. Good job!!
Loser, you are like the rest of the race baiters. Think about Benghazi, was he or anybody on his staff transparent? How about IRS snooping, was he or anybody on his staff transparent? How about Holder and him gun running? Were they transparent? Now the border mess, you know his administration is behind this crap.
CarBob, he and the other race baiters live in the past. They care not for what is going on around them now, only what they think someone else did in the past.
That is why their ideology are so (skrewed) up. They can't tell the difference between night/day, or right/wrong, only who can they blame next. If any one of them had the family jewels to stand up and be heard, the others would scamper home to change their underwear.
I saw on the news today, where Israel shot down a drone from the Hamas?? Where do you think they got the drone? Our State Department would not be selling/ giving drones to terrorists, would they? They would, in a New York minute!!!
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