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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Obama Dismisses 'Haters'

Gee, I wonder what else he has dismissed,
The disaster we call Obamcare, if you like your disease, you can suffer and die from it.
The massive crime and shootings right here at home.
I am sure there's more.

If one paid attention to every mean-spirited thing that was said about them they would be most depressed. But when you ignore obvious hate it returns to sender who in turn becomes the receiver of their own evil.
Thank you LiLSpeedy, it seem as some people have grown up and cause a certain group may have kick their a** during elementary or high school there is a general hate for any Black no matter what ,most people get over getting their a** kick in school. But some magnified the bull with the hatred of a certain race of people. The perfect saying, I have Black friend don't mean nothing ,even Black family members you are what you are a B&R! So LiLSpeedy it's like this if it wasn't the POTUS it would be single Black mothers, marry Black mothers, Black anything this would be the same conversation go back through their thread and see the horrible things directed at the Black population period. So shameful a head shaking shame that hate run that deep ,too bad there isn't a remedy for hate.;)
Yea, Obama's mama was white so he really does not understand white culture.
Yea, Obama's daddy was black so he really does not understand black culture.
That is an illogical statement.
Gee, I wonder how so many have become haters. Was it because of the truths , or could it be because of all the lies?
By dismissing all haters, you solidify the ignorance of the TRUTH.
Obama, 50 percent white, 43 percent Arab, 7 percent black, He's not black enough to qualify for affirmative action programs. This of course is only if you believe his Barrack Obama made up story.
If you believe his { Born as Barry Dunham} with the birth cert that says, Frank Davis Marshall is his father, why then he's 50/50, with makes him neither black or white but Mulatto.

Leave it to Caucasians. First you try to give us names, now you try to tell us what percentage of Black that we are. GFY. What percentage of Black is in you since you know so much about it? Just stop with all the dumb azz racist logic.
Obama and many many democrats established themselves as liars when they said "if you like your current healthcare plan you can keep it". When Obama promised that he knew it wasn't true.

Obama and the lying democrats are established liars and pointing that out is not hate it's fact.

Yes, the fact is Obama established himself as a liar. In lying and raping Obamacare into law he damaged and victimized countless masses.

The people who where damaged by the lies and horrific law have legitimate reason to doubt the established liar. It isn't hate it is valid criticism arising from Obamas gross violation of public trust!
It is what it is, accept it or not, just like you have to have a certain percentage of Indian blood to get your Indian card, I didn't make the rules.
If you want to be member of the Sault Saint Marie Band of Chippewa Indians, you better be able to prove it, saying it doesn't mean sh^t.
I've been called half breed, squaw, I've had people ask me if it's feathers or dots. who cares.
No one cares what percentage of other races we are, we all are of mixed heritage. No one in America can make that claim anymore. There has been too much mixing of the races, some of it was voluntary, but most of it was by force.
No one cares what percentage of other races we are, we all are of mixed heritage. No one in America can make that claim anymore. There has been too much mixing of the races, some of it was voluntary, but most of it was by force.
The race baiters care Speedy, and I refuse to let some inept Government official or lobbyist use me to justify the ends to their means. I will not be thrown into the category of minority so someone can turn a buck off my back or off the very sad history or our existence. Where there is someone saying they want to help, is someone with an agenda.
Yeh! as the study at the University of Michigan on the "White" (Caucasians) skin, they know how much their white skin is worth, so much that they wouldn't take a million dollar for it. So there you go, Sully you rather be assemble in white world of privilege(pass) , than claim her heritage because she can hide in that skin for opportunity that wouldn't afford her, if not pretending as the survey will stand truth for the wannabe who enjoy while privilege. To have the nerve to criticize other who can 't use their skin cause it's Brown or Black .Side eye!;)
No idiot, I won't take hand outs or sloppy seconds, I won't go crying that I deserve something extra because of the color of my skin, I can stand up on my own 2 feet with no help from sugar daddy government, might be your style, not mine.
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