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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Joan Walsh to McCain: 'Cowardly' Is Putting Palin a 'Heartbeat Away' from Presidency

Joan Walsh is the coward for voting for Obama. Palin would have proven to be a more productive President had circumstances placed her in the oval office.
Cowardly is not accepting the fact Obama had the chance to put Putin in his place, Obama is supposed to be the most Powerful Man in the world, he let Putin stomp all over him. I would have supported Obama sticking it to the murderous dictator, he could have started with real strict sanctions.
Sarah Palin would be a better President than all of them combined.

Agreed, Palin would have been a very strong, no bs President. Obama has had so many chances to be a powerful leader but he didnt have the .........
Palin couldn't be president of the idiot's club. Because being a moron she would be over qualified.
But Obama could, is that what you are saying, SPeedy???
Sarah embarrassed herself the first time she ran, and, (R)'s knew it...McCain knew it. She has tried to rebound every since then in many, many ways. Look at how much exposure via silly media she projects. All the silly people got in a frenzy when she so-say called Putin's move into Crimea years prior. Hell, I could've called all the s**t that's going on in Iraq years prior...and still can. Oh, but she couldn't call all this latest stuff that's going down. She couldn't call how Putin would still be sending lethal s**t to his rebels so they could knock planes downs and kill innocent people...whether by mistake or on purpose.

She couldn't call how those same sanctions Obama implemented began hurting Russia, and, how the recent one's are ALREADY making life very, very rough on Russia. Putin isn't happy at all with the finance situation which is proof that Obama need not play the tuff boy roll with tuff words and image. All he needs to do is make a few strokes with that MIGHTY PEN and pick up that TELEPHONE just like he's done. Anyone in their right mind would much rather have their azz physically kicked than to have their bank account(s) seized and all phucked up...inaccessible. Obama is, in fact, a powerful leader when it comes to strategy and to make calculated decisions that work. Right now, you don't see Putin rattling off smart azz comments about Obama's sanctions. What you do see is him cooperating fully because his azz has been handed to him with a phuckin' PEN...and not tuff words and fists and all that ineffective BS.
Carbob is a troll in the truest sense. He waits for one to make a comment, then use part of your comment to make a comment. What a tool. He lacks the ability to think for himself and can't take criticism about a repub, but likes to run his sorry mouth about Blacks, democrats, and minorities every chance he gets. Quit being such a cry baby. If you can't take it, STFU!
ms. speedy, STFU I was hoping someone had poured water on your troll a$$ and you blew up into a primordial pile of troll sh1t.   

Back on topic, who the fuque cares what a joan walsh fuque face says anyway????
Jarasan, you are a cry-baby and a punk azz POS. You cried like a little hoe when you got kicked off the thread. You should be ashamed of yourself. And to add insult to injury no one missed your sorry punk azz.
ms. speedy STFU, you couldn't resist, could you ????? I knew you would, you can't con"troll" yourself.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I tried to leave your punk azz alone cry-baby. But you just could not stop with your childish behavior. If you are not careful you will get your sorry azz kicked off again.
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