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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hands down Obama is the worst president since WWII

the crack pie president barry.
President Obama has received more HATE, BIGOTRY, PREJUDICE, and RACISM from repubs than any president has received in our nation's history. This is how historians will write about it when all of us are long gone. Sad.
Facts are facts !! But, of coarse, Speedo and his sidekicks will throw the race card out there. SAD !!!
That is all they will write about, are the facts. All of us will not be gone. They have begun writing about his failures now. The Blacks will still be playing the race card, one hundred years from now. That is their built in crutch. We will probably have more Black Presidents and hopefully they will be much better.
A new Washington Post-ABC News poll gives President Obama an approval rating of only 41%, the lowest mark of his tenure in this survey.

That's down from the 46% approval rating Obama had for the first three months of 2014, according to the poll.

The numbers bode ill for Democrats in the November elections, as the party fights to keep control of the Senate.

From the Washington Post:

"Just 42% approve of his handling of the economy, 37% approve of how he is handling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and 34% approve of his handling of the situation involving Ukraine and Russia.

"Obama's low rating could be a significant drag on Democratic candidates this fall -- past elections suggest that when approval ratings are as low as Obama's, the president's party is almost certain to suffer at the ballot box in November."

Race has nothing to do with it. He's simply a bad prez.   A was Nixon.
If you say race has nothing to do with it ,you better tell your lying ears and eyes stop deceiving you so sadly said by a self proclaimed elderly "Black woman" Oh yes I will be here for other Black President and women President .:)side eye!
If they Tea Party and Pubs stop being racist , then the race card wouldn't have to be use call a spade a spade and the one making the statement make blatant racist just a few weeks back about "Black People". After that Willie Lynch contract from the ole German to white American in the rural south . Blacks will never forget their part in the shameful action done to people because of the color of their skin. Suggestion; Twelve of Slaves watch it . A true story Carbob! SIDE EYE!!!! ;)
He IS the worst President ever, hands down. He has brought down America faster than I have ever seen and I doubt we will ever recover. Just pray Hitlery doesnt get in.
I'm sure President Obama don't give a rat's azz about all the conspiracy theories, accusations, assumptions, and innuendo that is spewed daily on the repub's blogs, right-wing sites, and talk radio, I know I don't. I think it is a waste of time and effort. All you are getting is psychological satisfaction. The only people that care about what you say are hateful racist repub like yourself.
Don't give me your stupid side eye - grow up.   I thought Nixon was bad - and in case you don't know it - he was white.
Why is it that anyone who disagrees with the far left is instantly labeled as a racist? perhaps it's their inner demons coming out?
This is pretty good. Bush and Obama are within only a few points of each other, with Obama having the most. Yet, none of these Obama haters have a single negative article about Bush in their blogs...not a one. That speaks volumes considering the minute points spread. You, know, you folks wear your emotions on the tips of your noses..he he he. Like little kids at the playground...that old school cereal commercial about Mikey.

"Yeah, you tell 'em! He IS the worst president...sniff, sniff!!" "Let's get BOB to say it. He'll say it, he'll say anything."

No one needs to play any race cards here because they're already on the table every single day. The so-called Republicans here can't even pass the test of commenting on their own party's short comings...especially as of lately with the whole Mississippi ordeal. Listen folks, we all know you hate the president and wish he was shot, or maybe wish Air Force One would just fall out of the sky and kill him and his family.

This is what separates us from you all...we don't hate like that. From day one, every one of you has hated this man and his family. You can't hate him and not his family...because they are ONE. I can guarantee that he doesn't hate any of you, though...and that makes him better than any of you can ever hope to be. The best part in all this, though, is that you're the new minority as a whole. The only people you're fooling is yourselves and I can admire how well you stick together. I'll bet you all can't wait to see Rick Santorum's new film! He, he, I can't either. I'm gonna pay my money and go and sit my black azz right next to all of your kind and take it all in.

I can guarantee that THEY'LL be the one's very uncomfortable and not ME. Oh, yeah, I'm going. This sort of thing begs for black presence as the element of surprise. "Yeah, maybe you'll learn somethin', Lucky!" I'm sure I will. "Wait a minute, why would you even go knowing it's an anti-black and anti-Democrat-Liberal film, Lucky?" Because, I'm interested and not afraid like YOU would be be to attend something 'other' than this. Daniel had no fear in the lion's den...none. You people are made of fear and it shows. I don't posses the spirit of fear...I confront it.

Hate is as a sport for you try and out do and one up each other everyday with such articles. Let me make it plain for ya. See, I'm certain that there must be some type of food, act, weather, etc. that each of you must 'dislike' for what ever reason(s). But, you don't post such negative articles, and, talk about those things EVERY SINGLE DAY, do you? Uh, huh.
Ms Emily-g you of all people should know what a side eye is , my Grandma and Mom if you said stupid or did stupid thing all they had to do was give you that "Look' and with all due respect and I do respect my elders . You puzzle the mind as why you think this President is so bad, all this economy isn't his fault ,he try and did keep us from going over the cliff. What's the problem. I have a friend that say her Mom isn't a bigot ,but she just use to seeing all POTUS old "White Men" is that you too Ms Emily-g? ;)
@LL, actually Bush Jr. had a 34% as the worst president and Obama was 33%, so Bush was worse by one
lilluv - I don't care what color the president is. I would vote for West in a heartbeat. I want an honest president - Obama lies too much.   He hides things from us. Check out all the scandals under his administration.
With Obama and his administration it is who they are. "Radicals"
I don't waste my time with people that is determined to be miserable. Many use President Obama as a guise to what's really going on in their depressed life. You can complain and whine all you want, nothing is going to change or get better until you work on YOURSELF.
Quinnipiac is one of the best surveys and reflects just how most people feel including me. OBAMA IS THE WORST.
Hey barry, if you like your approval rating you can keep your approval rating.....

Oh wait.....
The majority of the Blacks had not one clue to Obama's qualifications for President, he had none. They never cared that he had none, they voted strictly because he was Black, that shows their ignorance. There are Black people who were and are, ten times more qualified than him. I don't trust Obama or Hillary, neither one give a   about this country.
Carbon, that is a typical bigot response that an uneducated repub would make about Blacks in general. You are a racist in your thinking and is the very reason Blacks and other minorities shun the repubs.
LilSpeedy, your mind needs a little freshening. Back in 2009 there were many interviews with Black Hollywood elites such as Samuel L. Jackson who by the way is one of my favorite actors telling the press the only reason he voted for Obama was because he was black. This consensus was also common among regular African-Americans as well.
Do you want to know what the second most popular reason was for choosing Obama? ENTITLEMENTS! they felt a black person in office would always take care of their "own".
The bigots are the ones who voted for Obama because of skin color. Name one qualification he has to be President. Don't even mentioned him being a Senator. That should have been your first clue, he wasn't qualified. BTW, we have a lot of Blacks who think the same way I think. They have spoken out many times about him being not qualified.
@ Onlymoney, You need to check your eyesight as the article clearly states that Obama fared worse than Bush Jr. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on your end or a poll that you and your buddy LilSpeedy came up with....Lol
@Drenick1- Speedy knows this, but refuses to face the truth about Obama. Besides, he is a racist. He claims, he was a teacher. Can you picture the kind of education white kids got from him?
@Drenick, maybe you should check your facts. They did a similar poll when Bush was president and he had a 34% worse president from his predecessors. One point worse than Obama.
Historical comparison[edit]

President Obama has averaged an approval rating of 48% through his first five-plus years in office, which has dropped his average approval below Richard Nixon (49.1%) and George W. Bush (49.4%). Historical Gallup Poll approval highs and lows for each President since 1937:[11][nb 1]



Highest Approval

Lowest Approval


Highest Disapproval

Approval Average[11]

44[12] Obama 69 (January 22, 2009) 38 (August 19, 2011) 31 55 (August 27/29, 2011) 48.0 [13]
43[14] Bush (G.W.) 90 (September 21, 2001) 25 (October 31, 2008) 65 71 (October 31, 2008) 49.4
42[15] Clinton 73 (December 19, 1998) 37 (May 26, 1993) 36 54 (September 6, 1994) 55.1
41[16] Bush (G.H.W.) 89 (February 28, 1991) 29 (July 31, 1992) 60 60 (July 31, 1992) 60.9
I guess when you feel as though you've become " GOD " you can tell everyone how someone can talk out of both sides of their mouth huh? If you're so versed on the qualifications instead of just for entitlements , since that's what you've stated, show us what OTHER qualifications Obama had...!!!!
Drenick, you and Carbob are both uneducated and rely too heavily on right-wing sites. You both talk about things you have no knowledge of and your research skills are atrocious. Stick to subjects on a high school level because beyond that you both are lost.
Speedy, you need to stick to facts. What subject would you like to discuss. What if we discuss the strong Black women that you makes you so proud. I saw one those strong Black women on Maury Povich, last week. She and her husband had three kids, turned out her husband was not the father of any of them. Better yet, let's include the Black men who fathered those 78% births to unwed mothers. Maybe we can discuss why Florida A&M, which is mostly Black students, have a graduation rate of 9%, about their education. Take your pick.
Carbob you are so predictable. You talk like a bigot, write like a bigot, and have the mind of a bigot. Doggonnit, you must be a bigot.
You should know how one talks, writes and has the mind of one. I have Black friends! On the other hand, you have never had a White friend.
Carbob you sound like a fool for real. I went to a predominantly White college and graduated and I taught in a predominantly White school for years. Unlike you I know how to get along with other races. I have lots of White friends as well as Asian and Hispanic. The kids that I taught are now grown with kids of their own. And guest who they talk about all the time on Facebook, ME.
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