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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Congressional Black Caucus to Thad Cochran: You owe us

I can guarantee one thing in all of this: had McDaniels won this deal, there would be no issues right now. They'd be talking about how the voters stepped up and did their diligence by voting in the candidate they felt right for the job. Anytime blacks and (D)'s are portrayed positively in the aftermath of any crucial election, there had to be some cheating...just had to. Even when they vote in a Republican, in not good enough. It has to be THE REPUBLICAN, THAT THE REPUBLICANS WANT IN OFFICE.

The way this McDaniels guy talks about and hates blacks should be an embarrassment to anyone. There's more to the Reverend's deal about vote for's a legitimate service issue just like any other election. I feel so good being one in the minority here in the blogs and don't even need a blog to hand all the hate-filled and racist people their azzes...and hand it to them WELL.

*When I'm directly hand-picked by name, FIRST, I'm doing my job. If it burns over there, it's supposed to 'cause I know how to put some fire underneath that azz. There's NOTHING you can say, do, or call me that hasn't been done already by all your 'incest-born' brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. I feel no pain and I'm strong...much, much stronger than you can ever be in many lifetimes. In fact, I use your hatred and racism as the very fuel for my sustainment. I can see just how 'red' you get when you read my posts...wishing none of us existed and that you could actually kill us all. Can you 'fuel' me now? You have cancer and don't even know it...and that cancer is hate.

In closing, the Leader of the Mississippi Federation College of Republicans, Chairman Evan Alvarez, resigned from his position with the Republican party and went to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. He challenged McDaniels' 'ethics' and came under scrutiny by the McDaniels camp...heavily. Seems if Cochran was doing so much wrong, cheating, and practicing of bad ethics, then Evan would've just stayed where he was.

For you dumb azz male Republicans, not all of you, how'd you feel if your wife was bed written and someone from your opposition was trying to take pictures of her? The lengths some people will go to just to try and win...the lowness..disrespect...PERVERTEDNESS. The TEA Party is in bad, bad, bad shape.
The lengths some people will go to just to try and win...the lowness..disrespect...PERVERTEDNESS
Ask Obama that question on campaign tactics when he was running for Illinois senate.
I personally do not like dirty politics but that is the way the sh!t hits the fan when campaigning.
We don't have to ask President Obama shizz ,cause he won fair and square and for those idiots out there with their pants still around their knees ,needs to pull them up and wrap their azz and go about their lives ,they have waste a whole lot of their life hating the President. JGTH!!;)
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