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Monday, July 14, 2014


Black Men No Better Off Since 1970

Well, if you listen to the Fluke and his puke, they'll tell you they're better off now then they were 10 years ago, cause they still look through rose colored glasses and have their ears pinned down. My hats off to you two democrats and race baiters.
MD- They don't believe anything but, what Barry, Harry, Hillary tells them. WE know the truth is not in those three.
It's no one person's job to make it better for black men, or, blacks period. People, individually, must want to do and be better tomorrow than they are today...period. They must put forth the efforts, money, endurance, etc. to be better off and take advantage of the BETTER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TO THEM than in 1970. Being better off doesn't simply mean you have more money, cars, and all that. The equal opportunity to obtain these things more easily is where it's at. Then, it's up to the individual man to want and embark on it. There's a big difference in giving someone a car and extending them the opportunity on how to learn and earn one.

So sad how so many people can't interpret the simple context of this all because they simply wanna continue hammering Obama. How fitting and expected...and thank you very much. When it comes to employment, this is what the study is actually based on...lots of black unemployment. It's no secret. You can't force those to work that don't wanna work in any ethnicity you analyze. You don't cater to, or, acknowledge those that don't want to do better in society. It's like forcing a drunkard into AA...he doesn't want it and is only appeasing you. Soon as you leave him/her, they're right back at it with another bottle. However, when talking about blacks and businesses they own and how well we fare as a whole, just Google something like 'black-owned businesses in 2013/2014' or something similar. Very good articles on black males and females doing very well in this country...and get respect.

Let's see, Bush seemed to better with the SBA Loans but, various factors contribute to the decline of this with Obama with his presidency. This country went into a serious depression when Bush left and all businesses were suffering...especially black ones. I said in another one of my posts that (R)'s manipulate money negatively and hurt the economy as opposed to (D)'s and here's just one bit of proof:

The whole shabang is right there plain as day...and I have many more to support these findings. Off topic time. Wanna talk about guns, possession, and all that? Then, everyone go have a look at Bush Sr's letter of resignation from the NRA way back in 1995. All (R)'s aren't on the same page with this idiotic desire to openly carry guns into Babies R' Us, Victoria's Secret with their significant other, a fine restaurant, the Church even, the AIR PORT, to pick up their kids from school. Let's entertain the packin' to school part.

If everybody is packin' when they come to the school to retrieve kids, then how in the hell can you know who hasn't shown up with a gun with intentions to hurt/kill someone regardless if they're killed anyhow? This scenario applies EVERYWHERE when allowed to just walk in.

You must be able to differentiate between the two. What about open carry in bars where folks like to get their heads real bad, and, that liquid courage takes over. Somebody has, or, will have a beef with someone else at some point. Compile this with a gun and you have an old-fashioned, wild west shoot-out just like back in the day. I can just see people carrying their assault rifles around Six Flags over Georgia in front of little kids just because they can. Oh, yeah..they've got the Guns Everywhere Law, now. What it must be like to order some cotton candy for your daughter with a loaded clip less than a foot away from you. To try and win your daughter a stuffed animal and the idiot next to you with a rifle jokes about using his real gun to win the prize. Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy...have mercy on 'em.

"MD- They don't believe anything but, what Barry, Harry, Hillary tells them. WE know the truth is not in those three." posted by CARBOB

No wonder those 3 idiots think alike, just caught this. Arry, arry and ary are " ary heads"

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