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Thursday, June 12, 2014


The war Obama once called 'dumb' looms large again

Repubs still think it is smart to intervene in a civil war. Go figure.
Karma is a b$tch!!! And of coarse, Lil Speedo is a LiL B$tch. He just don't get it.
Reddog, I'll kick the s#it out of your punk azz anyday, anywhere sucker.
You just showed who the punk is. Grow up and stop your threatening.
The same goes for you nosey.
You just cant stand it can you?
I can't stand people that try to get too familiar.
Watch it lejardin, I hear he's real tough with women.
Like all Democrat "men."
That's right Ridge, whose the troll now?
Little weenie, you are mistaking me with someone who cares.
I'm not mistaking you lejardin because you are a loser and is intellectually stunned.
That is all you got?
Comment by LiLSpeedy - Today, 12:41 pm

That's right Ridge, whose the troll now?

Hmmm, lets see. On this thread,        Rdgrnr   (1)    post
                                                  LiLSpeedy (6)    posts

If you think straight like most Republicans, Rdgrnr won beyond a doubt.
If you think abnormally like most democrats, LiLSpeedy won hands down.
Yep another jack rabbit spew like most of the low informed.
Now as far as punishment for maddog, I'll get the rabid dog remark, or I might even graduate from his standards to get the " you don't know what you're talking about so STFU...!!!
Maddog, you need to mind your own business. Don't have a hissy fit because I made a comment to Ridge. What's up with that?
Listen pussy, I'll mind my business when you start minding yours. I don't have any fits. I comment and tell it like it is. If you're going to comment on someone else's comment, why don't you try a different approach, like telling the truth. If you don't like my comment don't read it. Simple enough for even the likes of you to understand...
9. LiLSpeedyComment by LiLSpeedy - Today, 12:41 pm
That's right Ridge, whose the troll now?

I stick up for women when gutless cowards try to get tough with them.
That's something men do.
So you wouldn't know about it, son.
3.Comment by LiLSpeedy - Yesterday, 10:52 pm
Reddog, I'll kick the s#it out of your punk azz anyday, anywhere sucker.

You have anger issues, son.
Tsk, tsk, tsk...
Do you wear a uniform when you play Internet Commando?
You're scaring everybody here, son....
Comment by MADDOG10 - Today, 3:30 pm
Comment by LiLSpeedy - Today, 12:41 pm
That's right Ridge, whose the troll now?
Hmmm, lets see. On this thread,        Rdgrnr   (1)    post
                                                  LiLSpeedy (6)    posts

Thanks DOG, but it looks hopeless.
He's got that congenital brain defect that all Democrats have - stupidity.
Maddog you and Ridge are made for each other. Both of you are liars and gossipers.
Jealous speedy?. That's what friends do, they look out for one another. Were not like the clingons you have. You know the clingons, those little balls of Shiite next to your hemorrhoids.
Maddog, you two a little too friendly. Men don't take up for other men unless one is weak.
Says the guy with zero friends...
Ridge it's OK to have a BFF.
Last word lil freak.
KMA B!tch!
Lol very classy lil freak
I thought you would like that since you have no class.
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