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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Republican: Hillary Would 'Get Shot'

That is a repub. If I can't beat you I'll have you killed. Well, violence begats violence. Haven't you learned anything from history?
So what, what difference would it make? That's his opinion, regardless whether people like it or not. If that's how he feels, then at least he's got the family jewels enough to speak it...
I guess democrats get a free ride huh? What about the democrat from NJ, who said " I hope you die " referring to Governor Christie. Neither party is squeaky clean, so don't try to draw the lines and say differently....!
Tit for Tat, nothing new.
Yep, nothing new I see. One thing about the (D)'s is they have no problem calling out their own part when they're wrong...and I certainly take pride in doing it. Most (R)'s, though, they just go right along due to pride and fear of being slammed by their own. Look at the turn out in Mississippi with McDaniels vs. Cochran and what Rush had to say, "The worst thing that could happen was having African-Americans vote for a Republican." Wow! McDaniel's isn't mad about losing to Cochran, he's sick that blacks helped to defeat his racist azz.

If that ain't racist I don't know what is. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck...both sick because blacks helped to elect a Republican? What?! Sarah Palin is considering a third party strictly due to this turn out...and her feelings and emotions are so hurt by it. Yet, and still, a Republican was elected. Racism is written all over this whole deal and Rush stamped it for most Republicans on this site.

Yep, most of the one's here feel the same way about blacks and (D)'s. Not all but a fair amount and I can rattle of about 6-8 with a quickness. It has nothing to do with 'opinions' but rather the daily and minute by minute hatred they post and how they post it. I'm so glad to be hated because it's so worth it this day and time. If people could put this same energy into getting along, wonder how far could we go?

Then, look at John Boehner planning to 'sue' the president. Then, when asked what he was going to sue him for specifically, he replied, "When I 'make that decision', I'll let you know" Wow! No clue as to what he wants to conjure up...he just plans to do it. He's just trying to save his own azz right now and everyone knows it. The president has only executed 180 executive orders to Bushs' 209...and they complain.

The (R)'s, specifically Cheney, are hot in their boxers for more war with Iraq while everyone else is saying no. Even those in our forces are dead set against any such thing. Yet, the (R)'s say the president isn't doing enough because he's not dropping bombs already. The truth need not be expedited...even after ten years it's still trickling out.

Now, go ahead and have your fun. Won't make any difference at all.
They're such hypocrites!!!!!;)
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