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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Punched, sexually attacked in prison, OJ Simpson hires fellow felon named 'Smoke' to watch his back

Awwwww, poor OJ.
I know of only two people here who would give a sh!t.
Both trolls.
They would volunteer to help him finish searching all those Florida golf courses for his wife's killer.
Too bad Nicole and Ronald didnt have anyone to protect them from this bully trash. He is getting what is way overdue.
In case you forget Ridge, OJ like GZ was found not guilty of murder. So put your hate and prejudice aside.
Only because of a Black jury. This should have been an example of what happens, when Blacks are in control. Zimmerman would have been found guilty if the jury had been all Black. The color of someone's skin only matters to Blacks. That is why we have such a sorry President. Would love to hear an honest opinion on our world affairs from his supporters.
Carbob , you are still the old frat that think only "White People " can make a "Just" verdict , so much for the integrity of Black People that they can't follow the evident and law and give a right verdict even OJ case, give it a rest . What did you say about the Robert Blake 's verdict was he guilty also ,no one mention his name ever. Oh! that right he's White and his jury was mostly or all white so his acquittal was legit. Some of you people will never change and that's a fact. Just listen to yourself "the color of your skin matter to Blacks" apparently it matter most to "White's like you ,because being the race that set all this in motion. You are still showing your prejudice of Black people, making that horrible and unfair analysis of them. You are disgusting to say the least . One more thing you think that he or she is a good Black when they walk the straight and narrow. They can't do anything wrong in white folks eyes like your , but your white brothering can steal ,lie and kill and still get a job faster than a Black man ,who has a college degree and never had a run in with the law ,go figure . Stop! don't say anything it's been proven. So stop with the BS.;)
Carbob without a doubt you are a racist. " Only because of a Black jury. This should have been an example of what happens, when Blacks are in control. Zimmerman would have been found guilty if the jury had been all Black." This is so sad. I guess that is why so many Blacks are in jail Carbob, because they had a jury of your peers. I always knew you were a bigot, this was no Freudian slip.
No, not because the juries were white, they are in jail because they commit the most crimes. The percentage of bad verdicts is the results of prosecutors , not doing their job as they should. Hiring practices, 50 years ago, were disgraceful. Nothing can correct those mistakes. You sure as hell can't correct them, by hiring or electing unqualified people, like Obama.

" One more thing you think that he or she is a good Black when they walk the straight and narrow."

I think every human being, who does this, is my type of people, period.
You're a racist so STFUB!
Standard response from the racist lil man syndrome
The only thing little about me is the avatar b!tch.
Lets add braggart to that resume lil man.
Let's add stupid azz to yours.
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