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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Arizona sends supplies to illegal immigrant children 'dumped' in warehouse

They need to bus all those refugees to the DC area and drop them off at the most expensive neighborhoods. Those folks wanted them kids here so they should find no reason not to personally accommodate them.
Dump them at the White House.
These are children and they belong to God. If you mistreat them you will have to answer to God.
It's rather obvious the 'regime' is sending them to red states to punish those states for not wanting to invite hundreds of thousands of potential future democrats in.

I guess according to comrade speedy Mexico will really have hell to pay for their treatment of people illegally coming into Mexico from the south.

I can't be cold hearted and unchristian when children are involved. Everything is not political as repubs like to use as a guise for their hatred of Hispanics and minorities in general. You will have to answer to God.
Killing the goose is not the answer.

Babies are children and they belong to God too. If you kill them you will have to answer to God.
It is cold-hearted and unChristian when babies are killed.
Well Speedy, you must be talking about obummer, he's the one that caused this.
Ridge you just keep preaching your one sin doctrine and see how far that gets you. Babies belong to god and so do children. Babies that are with God is living again, this time it is forever. These babies are in a better place. They will never have to experience pain, hate, prejudice, racism, liars, hypocrites, bigots, gossipers, etc. If these babies could talk to you I'm sure they would tell you to worry about yourself...because you have to make it to where we are, that's with the Lord.
Guilty of one, guilty of all.
I didn't preach it.
The Bible did.
Go argue with God.
You need to study a real Bible Ridge and be taught the Word of God. You condemn yourself every time you try to quote the Bible. "Guilty of one, guilty of all." You need to understand what you just said. That means if you are hating, false accusing, lying, just to name a few, you are guilty of all also. God makes it very plain concerning sin and what is sin. ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IS SIN PERIOD. Now you go argue with God or ask God for wisdom.
It appears that you asked for wisdom and the answer was no.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Killing God's babies is an atrocity of a sin. You can believe that or not, I don't care.
You can believe you'll be saved while steadily supporting it and defending it, makes no difference to me.
I don't need your Johnny-come-lately advice on salvation, I've studied it all my life.
You should keep your ass on the porch until you're ready to run with the big dogs.
You're embarrassing yourself.

Ridge you need to go to Bible study, doing it on your own is dangerous. I have wisdom, that is why I understand God's word and you don't. Carnal wisdom is not God's wisdom. If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God. That's what my Bible says, what does yours say?
I've been in formal Bible Study all my life, dumdum.
You started looking up stuff on the internet after I started quoting Bible passages now and then.
And now you consider yourself an expert.
You're no more learned than your store-front preacher.
Back on the porch, son.
Wrong again. I was taught the Bible by my grandfather. Who was a well-known and respected preacher in New Orleans. I grew up in his church and was well taught. You misquote the Bible, I will catch you every time.
Your grandfather ain't God, son.
You better get in a good Bible Study class and forget the nonsense from that storefront preacher schmuck and your televangelists.
You're totally confused and I can see why.
My grandfather was God's spokesperson and was ordained by God. God said, touch not my anointed or do my prophets harm. That means you have to be careful what you say about God's ordained preachers. You have to answer to God. You don't want that son.
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