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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Party of the rich: In Congress it's the Democrats

Those leopards never change their spots.
They want us to believe they're not the real rich guys.
They want us to believe they weren't the real Slave Owners.
They want us to believe that they were the party that ended slavery.
They want us to believe that Lincoln was a Democrat.
And it's all lies.
All big, fat, Democrat lies.
You are very naïve if you think for one minute the repubs are not stuffing their pockets with our money.
Everybody in DC is stuffing their pockets with our money.
Now that I agree 100%.
I agree with Emily not you Ridge. You are in left field.
I don't care who gets the credit as long as you're making progress, little buddy.
Keep up the good work!
You have the problem son, you just don't know it.
Congress in general is one larger cesspool. it's in major need of a complete overhaul.
Baby steps, Speedy, don't rush your therapy, baby steps....
Ridge if you are taking more than three different pills a day you have serious issues going on with your health.
Then take two instead.
I didn't know you were that sick.
In denial. Take your medicines if you want to live son.
I don't take medicine, not even aspirin, never did, never will.
Yeah right. Not following your doctor's advice will send you to an early grave.
I didn't sit on my ass all my life, Speedy.
I worked hard and I'm in good shape.
I had my annual checkup and lab work done in March and I got no health problems.
I wouldn't even go in for the checkup if the little woman didn't insist.
Well Ridge, I went to college and obtained two degrees so that I wouldn't have to work menial jobs any more.
Yeah, which means you sat on your big fat ass all your life and look like Sherman Klump for it.
I'm not the type that can sit on their ass all day everyday.
Well Ridge, my job required critical thinking skills and higher order learning, not a shovel and pick. Don't be jealous.
Jealous of a school marm? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I'd be embarrassed to tell anybody that sh!t.

You wouldn't have the balls to work where I did, son, or to walk where I walked.
And you couldn't hack it with your soft, womanly hands and your effeminate, delicate sensibilities and your worrying about nonsense like what color everybody is and if they OFFEND you in any way.
You've been a whining little pussy in a classroom all your life while I was building America.

You could not do my job. I prepared minds with the skills needed to survive and function in society. Everything that you are in life you owe to a teacher that took the time to teach you in spite of your arrogant and disrespectful behavior. That is why you have such dislike for teachers. But I know and you know you could not have made it without us.
Most teachers are child molesters like you.
Ridge you are still angry. Maybe your teachers were child molesters. If you went to a Catholic school you may be a victim. If you are, I will pray that you get over it so you won't be so bitter.
You shouldn't have molested those students, Speedy.
Or your kids.
And you know it.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama too.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama's gonna have me up all night anyway, Speedy, LOL.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama said she's gonna keep me up all night too, Speedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I hope you feel better now. Now you may go to sleep.
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