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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Oklahoma Lawmaker: I Don't Care If Death Row Inmates Are 'Fed To Lions'



Photo of Representative Christian, Mike

Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Christian (R)

What a GHOUL.
There's Speedy
He's always Johnny-on-the-Spot to defend murders and rapists.
But not so much for our foreign service corps and diplomats and military attaches. They're on their own.
What these do good after the fact democrats don't realize, is that the perpetrator gave up all his rights when they committed their heinous crime period. Did they give a crap how the other individual died or suffered, Hell no they didn't. And as far as the State Rep said, that's His opinion and if it offended some people, that's all too bad.
If he suffered, well he'll have time to reflect on how he made others suffer before he starts to shovel coal........
This is not about me, it's about a so-called Christian repub, name only, lust for blood. That is not Christ-like.
No, you made it about you, Speedy, rushing to the aid of an animal that raped and beat and buried a young innocent girl alive. Don't try to change the subject now, go ahead and defend your poor murdering rapist killer as you @$$hole Democrats always do. You make me sick.
What did Jesus say?
I won't be a participant in your blasphemy, Speedy.
You shouldn't trifle with the Name of Almighty God or His Church.
That's all I'll say.
You're on your own.

I'll tell you what Jesus said, He said Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.
Did you try to wash the blood from the babies you help kill from your hands before using the Holy Name of He who created them to defend your sickness and misunderstanding of Holy Scripture?
Don't bother.
That blood won't come off until you repent and turn away from it and ask forgiveness.
You speak from atop a mountain of slaughtered babies.
So your words mean nothing.
You are of your father, the devil.
And deep down inside, you know it.
Thank you LiLSpeedy amen!;)
Ridge, What did Jesus say? You still haven't answered the question.
How many of your babies have you killed, Weezy?
Can you get the blood off?
Speedy can't.
He's a devoted baby killer.
Just like you.
Do you hear the babies cry at night like he does?
They were reaching out for the loving touch of their mothers.
Just before you helped twist their innocent little heads off with your vote in exchange for free stuff.
Hard to get that blood off, ain't it, bitch?
Ridge, have you been born-again? If not, everything that you think you are doing for the Kingdom of God is in vain.
You'll hear those babies crying in your sleep until you repent, Speedy.
Just do it, son.
Ye must be born again.
The babies are crying, have to vote against the baby-killers next time.
And you know it.
You will vote Republican to save the babies.
Just do it.
Why should I vote Repub, you have been hoodwinked. Most of them have morality problems. They will lie through their teeth until they get caught.
Yeah, they all lie and some screw around on their wives (for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God) but most of them are against killing babies.
Can you think of anything worse than killing babies?
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