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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Michelle Obama on kidnapped Nigerian girls: 'In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters

She is so full of crap, it even stinks in the U.K. of her addressing this situation.
Only opened-minded people or Blacks would understand what Mrs. Obama is saying. Closed-minded people by choice choose to see something to the contrary.
Why don't you stop with the constant racist remarks, Speedy?
You're no better and certainly no smarter than anyone else here.
Stop with the racism all the time.
It's not helpful.

The situation would not have happen if that dumbass, we had for a Secretary of State would have did her job right. Her and Obama made the decision to not call them terrorists. They really did a fantastic job in foreign affairs. NOT!!!! The can fill his library with the mistakes he has made.
Ridge, that is your problem. You see it as a racist remark(closed-minded). I understand what she meant because I am Black. Contrary to popular belief, Blacks do understand other Blacks. The responsibility for what happened to those girls lies with the Nigerian government, not ours. So just put the fake sincerity away because it is known how you feel about Moslems. You have stated on many occasions how you despises them.
ms. speedy STFU we don't know what color you are,   your thick coat of troll hair hides the truth, I think you are a crackery pastie nasty dull mauve troll, hence your innate stupidity.
Jarasan you're in a class all by yourself.
No insults, I wouldn't lower myself, Just a truthful opinion. Mrs. Hashtagg is nuttier than a Claxton fruit cake. Only speaking for center stage, just like Mr. Hashtagg did with Travon.....
We're all human beings, Speedy.
Why must you keep separating us by color?
I don't care what color you are.
I don't understand why you hate white people so much.
Let's all try to get along.
How about it?
Your opinion of me does not make any sense. I taught in predominantly white schools most of my teaching career. I treated all my students with respect and fairness. I can honestly say that I was colorblind as a Teacher. I was a popular Math teacher with my students and some of their parents that I taught. Hate White people, I don't think so. Dislike some, yes. Dislike some Black, yes.
No, you've shown that you hate white people.
Let's just get past that and treat everyone with respect.
Well Ridge, I can say without a doubt that you hate Black people, minorities, and Moslems.
I've never hated anybody in my life.
Of any color or religious background.
I don't know why you can't let the hate go and just act civil towards everybody.
Is it that important to you?
Not that the situation with the kidnapped girls isn't tragic, it's just too bad that the powers that be didn't care as much about our own embassy people in Benghazi.
CT, they do not care about these kids, it's a front, a political thing, just like with Trayvon. Making sure they keep the low-info crowd on their side.
Just enough already you know nothing of us just what you imagine in your draped in hate mind ,just like all of you aren't racvist

Enough already ,you know nothing of the our feeling about these girls or Trayvon Martin. We are all different in way you will never know ,cause your mind is draped in hate ,we know enough to know that all of you are not racist as you with the Black People crap. Stop! stop with the Benghazi sh*t enough when you're as outrage about the Iraq war, then and only then we will be on a half of the same page.;0

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