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Thursday, May 8, 2014


'Anti-gay' remarks cost twins a TV show

You can always count on Democrats to search your background to find something they don't agree with and then start making demands, in this case that you be fired.

You can have your own opinion but you better not express it because Freedom of Speech means nothing to Democrats. If you say something they don't like they will want to shut you up and destroy you.

It drives our Democrat trolls nuts that they can't make me shut up.
Right here, trolls --------->   )*(    Pffffftttttttt!
How'd ya like that?
Yup rdgrnr. It's only free speech if they agree with it. If they don't they voice the mantra of the left, "I'm appalled" and claim to be offended.
Ironically these same clowns preach tolerance.
When is the war on Christian's going to stop. This makes me really mad as a Christian these brothers said nothing hateful they just believe marriage is between man & women and homosexuality is a sin. Not new time did they say they hate gays!!!!
Ridge you have no effect on me whatsoever. You are just a wind-bag.SMH
Typical tactic by the left. You either agree with our lifestyle and ideology or we will label you with what we think is appropriate. In their minds they have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who may have a different belief or point of view.
Our country is being altered right before our eyes and those who support the far left liberals are dummer than they even realize.
Drenick you are fooling no one on this site. You need to stop being phony. You are as liberal as they come. Everyone figured you out when you first started commenting. You know all the tactics of the left because you are a part of the so-called left. SMH
LilSpeedy: If you think I'm a lib than I must be a little green gobblin from Pluto and you are tinkerbell. Did I beat you to the punch line by reflecting the truth that Socialist and far left libtards like yourself preach daily?
Anti-gay remarks didn't end the show as the CNN headline suggests.
The suppression of the Constitutional Right of Free Speech by Democrats ended the show.
In Obama-World, you can say whatever you want as long as Democrats agree with it.
If Democrats don't agree with what you say, they will shut you up and shut you down.
Drenick the only person you are fooling is yourself. You are young and dumb and can't match up with anyone on this thread. You can't be wishy-washy on this thread and expect people to be your friend. It is not going to happen. The life of a phony butt-kisser has to be miserable.
I guess you would know about that, Speedy.
Tell us about it.
Now Ridge, If you are honest with yourself, you know I have never tried to be anyone's friend if they didn't present themselves friendly to me. I am too much of a man to suck-up to anyone. I survived everything you and your friends threw at me because there is no
quit in me when I am challenged. This is who I am. I am a product of my environment.
Back on topic, you are not allowed to have the opinion that same-sex marriage is wrong.
If you don't agree that sodomy is good, Democrats will destroy you if they possibly can.
Everyone has to agree with the Democrats.
No dissent is allowed.
No differing opinions are allowed.
These two guys previously and somewhere else voiced their opinion about same-sex marriage and it was different from the opinion of the Democrats who own the tv network.
So they were fired and labeled homophobes and haters.
Case closed.
That's how this whole country would be if we let Democrats continue to run it.
But we won't.
Ridge, your problem is that you think you control the thread. You are no more than a paid member like the other LP members. Don't assign yourself a position that is not there. We all have the same rights as you. Stay in your place son.
Stay in my place?
And you say you're not a racist?
Don't get it twisted Ridge. You know you are good at that.
You said what you meant.
Don't pretend you didn't.
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