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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Wisconsin School Changes Pledge of Allegiance



Democrats run the schools.
99% of teachers are Democrats and Democrats hate this country, our flag, our God, and our Pledge of Allegiance to all of the above.
If we don't stop this America-hating bullsh!t being forced on our kids right now, we never will.
F*ck them teachers, this is our country, if they don't like it they can f*cking leave.

Democrats fought and died for this country. Democrats are fighting for this country even though you are talking SH!T. Democrats love this country just as much or more. Democrats have nothing to be ashamed of. It is a shame an disgrace to let something this hateful and evil come out of your mouth. Do you think before you say something, well you should. I can only imagine what a democratic mother would think if they read this and their son died defending this country. I hope you feel real proud of yourself.
BTW, there were 10 teachers, including myself, that were veterans at the school that I taught. They were all democrat.

Speedy-please explain the purpose of changing the Pledge of Allegiance? Who gave them the authority to do that????
I can't explain the logic behind the Wisconsin School system, but I do know that it would not happen in Georgia. This is Bible-belt country.
I know many Democrats fought and died for this country. My own father had his ass shot up on a bomber over Germany and he was a Democrat.
But those days of decent people being Democrats are long over.
Democrats are evil now and everybody knows it, they kill babies and they teach kids that sodomy is good.
The military votes overwhelmingly Republican now and that's why the Obama Administration always tries to suppress their vote.
Democrats hate this country with a seething passion of hate and it's more evident everyday.
And you f*cking well know it.
How many of your repubs fought for this country? The stuff you are talking is Bullsh!t. You are just talking to hear yourself talk. Everyone knows that the dems fight for this country while most repubs run for the border or come back when all the fighting is done. You know that it's true, you're just in denial dude.
You are a liar, Speedy.
I can say that because nobody is that stupid.
You know dam* well the military votes OVERWHELMINGLY Republican.
You just want to promote fairy tales that fit your narrative.
You're a liar.
And you know it.
Well let me ask you this Ridge. Since there are so many repubs, how is that you repubs lost two Presidential Elections? The last one was worst than the first. Please don't embarrass yourself by saying the votes were stolen.
Why would I be embarrassed to say that there was massive voter fraud by the Democrats?
It's the truth.
Certain parts of certain cities had over 100% of eligible voters voting and 100% of them voted for Obama. That's voter fraud. And you know it.
Why on earth else would you work so hard to kill Voter ID requirements?
If a person can figure out how to vote they can also figure out how to pick up a free Voter ID.
It's for voter fraud, plain and simple.
And you know it, I know it, everybody knows it.
The other factor is the liberal establishment, country club, blueblood wing of the Republican Party. They always want to run candidates that are too liberal for the tastes of the Conservative Republicans. Guys like McCain and Dole and Romney and now they're talking about Jeb Bush. Nobody can get excited about a Democrat-Light. Give us another Reagan and you'll see a landslide.
Run Sarah since the repubs say they love her so.
I think we would both admit that Sarah would have been far far better than that walking disaster in there now.
You'd have to be really stupid to think otherwise.
I'm glad we can agree on that.
I was being sarcastic Ridge. LOL
You know it's the truth.
You just can't bring yourself to admit it.
It goes against your nature.
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