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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Why do liberals hate Bundy for dodging taxes when illegal immigrants do the same?

cause they are hypocrite pin heads???????????
'cuz he's a hardworking man and not a lefty.
Because they are of their father the devil.
Everything is turned backwards and upside down with the devil.
That's why Democrats think bad is good and good is bad.
Think about it.
Normal people think babies are a gift from God and a blessing and a good thing.
Democrats like to kill babies, they DEMAND the right to kill them.
Normal people love God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Peace and Love He brings.
Democrats HATE God and Jesus and don't want so much as the Name of God or Jesus mentioned anywhere.
I could go on but you know what I'm talkin' about.
They're sick, twisted and EVIL creatures.
I heard tell Obama is going to sprout a pair of horns from the influence of the red moon.
Blame the greedy Americans that hire them for little or nothing and pay them in cash so they don't have to pay taxes.
All this hypocrite talk about God ,I think if he was here in the flesh he would differ. He didn't whine about feeding the poor or less fortune being help. One sin isn't any greater than the other ,they have equal footing. So stop with the BS. No one's listening ,cause it's double BS talking give it a rest . Live your freaking life leave others to theirs ,good philosophy to live by.;)
One other point "their not trying to over throw the Government of the United States with their Guns. Fox News looking for another Waco ,be careful for what you wish for : guarantee the Feds have more fire power. They should be held on treason or sedition. If the gun toting thugs had been Blacks or any other groups other than the radical Right, they would be dead and fox News would be praising them for the murders.;0
First, Beckel is a dumba$$. Second, it's not all Americans, because all Americans do not hire illegals. The biggest offenders are the big corporation farmers. Third, if you believe every sin is equal, you are in for a big surprise. Especially if you are a child abuser, murderer, abortionist. If anyone is one of those, pack your bags, you are headed straight for he!!.
Carbob - right on.
Weezy, you have obviously developed your own religious belief system and adjusted the tenets accordingly to suit your personal comfort zone so it's a waste of time discussing these matters with you.
Scripture tells me not to cast pearls before swine so just go ahead and live your life the way you're doing, believing whatever makes you feel good and good luck to you. You're gonna need it.

News Flash: Every one that thinks that they are going to heaven is not going. You better pray that you don't die today.
That's right, I'm glad I've finally gotten that pounded into your head.
Now you better inform Weezy.
You are not responsible for anything regarding my salvation. I accepted Christ into my life decades ago. You must be born again if you expect to see the Lord Jesus Christ. Not of water, but of the Spirit. You call It the Holy Spirit, but I call It the Holy Ghost.
You can call it anything you want but know this: Faith without works is dead. -James 2: 20
And if your works are helping to kill innocent babies and wanting to blaspheme Holy Matrimony with sodomy....well, I won't judge you but I'm sure you can figure it out.
Your works have to be acceptable unto God, or He will tell you to depart from Me ye workers of iniquity I never knew you.
That's exactly right.
I wouldn't want to stand before Him and try to explain how killing babies is good works, would you?
Nor would I want to stand before Him and try to explain why I was so judgmental when areas of my life is not acceptable unto God.
Nobody's perfect.
I'm a sinner.
But I'm tryin'.
I thought you said you were perfect. Well, you are better than me. I'm just a sinner that's saved by GRACE and Mercy.
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