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Thursday, April 24, 2014


The NRA's Worst Nightmare Is America's Moms

Left wing radicals. Wannabe community organizers. Constitution hating liberals.
They should be fighting against those who want have the power of censorship.
A wine bottle in the basket. Give me a break. Those two children could be sitting at a dining table while mommy or daddy is drinking wine. Should be a law against people drinking alcohol in the presence of underage children.
Not in the mood for the Daily BS.
Taking a pass on the lies today.
Still didn't read it but I know what the BS is gonna be when radical lefties like the Daily BS discuss the 2nd Amendment or anything to do with guns:
"Guns are bad.
NRA is bad.
We need "common sense" gun laws.
Guns are bad.
Guns are bad.
Guns are bad."

That'll be it in a nutshell.
I don't need the headache of reading the lies and propaganda.
I would not be so insensitive as to brush off the cries of hurting mothers. All repubs are not heartless and some are actually listening.
Hurting mothers?
I didn't know you were so compassionate.
How about hurting babies when they're being butchered alive?
Do they get any compassion?
Since we are talking about compassion, how compassion are you about priests that are molesting children. And yes, the problem is still there, been there, and is not going away any time soon. You seem to be silent on this issue because it's close to you.
"how compassionate"
I'm silent on the issue?
Since when?
I'm 100% against that as I've told you 10 or 20 times but you apparently can't think of anything else to say.
I don't want sodomites in the priesthood or anywhere else around children, you're the one demanding that.
You wanted equal rights for sodomites and you got them.
Why are you complaining when you now reap what you sowed?
And why do you continue to demand that sodomites be allowed to be priests?
What have you got against kids?
Were you molesting them too as a teacher?
And why are you avoiding my question about compassion for babies being butchered alive by Democrats?
Is that the best that you can do. My reputation as a teacher, so I'm told was outstanding. You are barking up the wrong tree now. I have always spoke out against priest that molest children. I am not a member of the Catholic faith, you are. I have nothing to do with the appointment of priest. You are the one that belong to a church where this is taking place. Quit trying to push your responsibility on to others. Ignoring one sin in favor of another one is ungodly.
Teachers molest a hell of a lot more kids than priests do.
It's in the news all the time.
There's an article in this blog about one right now that you're avoiding.
How many did you molest in your 30+ years as a teacher?
ZERO. I retired with an unblemished record and my integrity in tact. Your last sentence was done out of meanness.
You hold me responsible for the Catholic Priests when I never was one but you don't want to be held responsible for the teachers when you were one.
While at the same time you energetically support and defend sodomy and I oppose it.
Sounds like one of us is out of whack on their rationale.
And it ain't me.
You're the one confused. You are so political until you don't know how to have a conversation that does not involve politics. I'm sure they run when they see you coming.
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