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Thursday, April 17, 2014


The GOP Could Learn Something From Jeb Bush

That has been the GOP's biggest downfall. They are so programmed until it is nearly impossible for them to listen to anyone in their party whose ideas are slightly different from theirs, but that's just in their DNA.
Jeb Bush is a liberal with liberal ideas.
We don't need or want two liberal parties, it isn't healthy when both sides offer the exact same thing.
Let him run as a Democrat if you like him so much.
He completely supports the invasion over our southern border which will preface a devastating switch to Hispanic culture in large areas of the country while other areas fall under sharia law as we eventually outlaw Christianity and Balkanize the nation into armed camps divided against each other.
It will be the Perfect Storm of Democrat Ideology coming together.
So obviously, Democrats will love him.
My, you have a vivid imagination. You should have been a fiction writer.
You can laugh now.
Your grandkids will cry later.
No skin off your teeth.
My grand kids are going to do just fine. They've got a mommy and a daddy that is taking good care of them.
You can tell yourself that if it makes you feel better for being a part of what's destroying America.
But they're gonna reap what you sowed.
Destruction and desolation.
Think about that when you vote next time.
Think about the amount of mercy you showed to all those babies and why you think your kids should get any more mercy than you showed to others.
Think hard about whether you really want to vote for one of the baby killers.
Think hard about whether you really want to consciously put that on your soul.
Mercy is given where mercy is shown.

I don't vote for hypocrites.
You vote for baby killers and sodomites because you've hardened your heart and your blood runs cold.
Good luck.
Even though luck won't help you.
You vote for priests to stay in the church and molest the children. You don't have clean hands.
No, actually YOU voted for the party that demanded gays be allowed to be priests.
And now you're doing the same thing to the boy scouts.
Proud of yourself and the lives you destroyed?
You don't have clean hands. End of story.
Stop trying to shift blame and share blame.
Be responsible for your own actions.
Sodomy is an ABOMINATION according to my God and that's good enough for me.
If you wanna teach your kids that it's a good thing, you go right ahead, I can't stop you.
You don't have clean hands. End of story.

You don't have clean hands. End of story.

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