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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sex Scandal Rocks The Duggars' Christian Patriarchy Movement

Rely on the Daily BS to connect some jerkoff to a family with a tv show that had nothing to do with his jerking off just because they disagree with the family's religious values and want to destroy it.
Typical Daily BS lies, nonsense and propaganda. According to this Daily BS logic, the Baptist Church must have been "rocked" every time Slick Willy got a blowjob from some floozie in the Oval Office.
What's done in the dark will always be exposed by the light. Anyone that carry on in such a freakish way and say that they represent true Christianity is a liar and the truth is not in them. They need to be exposed. They are doing more harm than good to Christianity.
Man, you act like they're killin' babies or something.
They didn't do anything.
Some other guy was jerkin' off and the lib Daily BS tried to connect it to them. If you read the article, you'd know that.
He didn't even get a blowjob like your boy Willie.
Had nothing to do with them.
Calm down.
Man, if only you cared about babies being killed as much as you do about some guy beatin' off.

What about them being born and use as "SEX SLAVES" for fraud that want to use them as pawn for Perts masquerading around as Christian. ;)
What's that got to do with this family, Weezy?
It has about as much to do with this family as Slick Willy's blowjobs have to do with other Baptists.
Do you want to be personally blamed everytime somebody with similar religious beliefs does something illegal?
Put the pipe down girl, that sh!t done made you null and void.
The biggest problem that Repubs face is that they talk about only one issue, abortion. They never talk about Priest molesting children, child abuse, pervert behavior, unfaithful husbands, unfaithful wives, etc. To them this is not important. Shallow rants produce shallow results. No one respond positive to hypocrisy.
You libs demanded that the Catholic Church admit gays to the priesthood and then when they foolishly did, and gays started to do what gays like to do, you persecute and blame the Church for it! And YOU talk about hypocrisy? Lives were destroyed for listening to your touchy-feely political correctness and lies and propaganda and for finally giving in to your demands. God calls men laying with men as they lay with women an ABOMINATION! The Church's only mistake was listening to liberals like you! I'll talk about gays in the priesthood all you want because YOU caused it. You DEMANDED it and you got it. And the Church learned it's lesson, they no longer accept your precious gays in the priesthood. Let them get jobs in your storefront churches if you think it's so necessary to have gays around children to prove you're not a dreaded HOMOPHOBE.

And killing babies may be just one "issue" among many to YOU, but it is the ABOMINATION of our age, of our whole lives, of our existence, of our being, to people who love God. The way you equate it's importance to wives being unfaithful is sickening, outrageous and disgusting. You might think you'll diminish it and make it go away by trivializing and pooh-poohing it's importance but that will NEVER happen, pal. Those are God-Created beings, living, innocent babies that you are aiding and abetting those monsters to kill and God's people will NEVER forget them and I guarantee you, God won't either.

And isn't it just a little hypocritical to bemoan Republicans not talking about perverted behavior when you have never said a word about Slick Willy raping a woman and using women for blowjobs in the Oval Office?

Maybe you better get the beam out of your own eye first.

This is a prime example of a frivolous rant full of hypocrisy and BS. BTW, the molesting priest were already there. No one brought them in. Clean-up your own house before you can tell someone how to clean up theirs.
You're the one pointing fingers.
Am I allowed to respond or does that negate your sense of CONTROL thereby making you feel insecure?
No. I am not associated any molesters that I am aware of ,however the articles said" the Duggars was very close in their house with this pert" and was using this young woman as a live porn flick. So lay down your pipe old man and know WTH you're talking about. Research , you 're entitle to your own opinion but not your own facts. Thank you.(side eye);0
Weezy said:
"the Duggars was very close in their house with this pert" and was using this young woman as a live porn flick."

Show me where it says the Duggars were using her in a porn flick, Weezy. Show me where the Duggars had ANYTHING to do with what happened to this woman. ANYTHING.
The Duggarts live in a cult.
I've never heard of them or their tv show or their religious beliefs.
How did you become an expert on them when you can't even spell their name?
I was just defending them against the idiot who is persecuting them for something somebody else did.
I thought you of all people would be against prejudice but you just want to pile on.

Weezy, you're obviously drunk again. You're not making any sense. Put that cheapass box of wine back in the icebox and go to bed. And clean up that catsh!t all over the place!
The Duggars live in a cult. Is that better? The reason I know about cults is because I studied various religions and cults and how they operate, and how to recognize one.

Who mentioned a cult?
What's that got to do with the writer's allegation that this family was somehow involved with someone else's crime because they are of the same religion?
Are you responsible for everything someone of your religion does?
It has the characteristics of a cult, acts like a cult, and is a cult. They have taken Christianity and added their own style of perversion. Any Christian can see that this is a cult. Plain and simple.
You don't make any sense. Are you related to Weezy or just drunk?
Now you're making up lies.
Show me where the family did any of that.
Like I said Any Christian can see that this is a cult. Plain and simple.

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