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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Report Continued High Legal Immigration Levels Will Destroy GOP

Yep, that's the plan.
And after the whole nation becomes a massive Detroit, they'll still blame it on the Republicans somehow.

This will happen to any political party that's perceived as the party of exclusion.
We don't have jobs for everyone.
True, but they are doing the jobs that many Americans will not do. That's harvest our fruits and vegetables. What are the farmers to do, let their crops rot in the fields. I don't think so. They have families too.
Fine for you, you're one foot in the grave.
Too bad for your grandkids though.
Hope they can speak Spanish and deal with life under Sharia Law.
Two of the crops your party is planting and your grandkids will be reaping.
Gee, thanks, Papaw.
Not to worry, you won't be here rant about it. It's the young people that's going to fix the mess made by the baby boomers. BTW, they are taught Spanish in Middle School and in some Elementary schools. Children have to be prepared for the future. It will never be like it was when you and I was growing up. Children of the future are going to do fine. We are leaving them volumes of mistakes and bad judgments to read on their smart vision laser transporter.
They're not going to be reading about Sharia Law; they're going to be living under it and experiencing it.
We had a nice country and your Democrat Party (and Democrat baby boomers) destroyed it.
And your grandkids are not going to be able to fix it, they are going to suffer under brutal persecution.
All because of you and your fellow Democrats and your obvious genetic brain defects.
Being disrespectful to each other is no way to win an argument Ridge. Nothing good ever comes from it.
Pretending life is going to be lollipops and rainbows for the younger generations after what this administration unleashed on us is whistling past the graveyard and denying the obvious and inevitable. They are SCREWED.
I'm sorry, I'm just not that pessimistic. You say you are a Christian, then do as Jesus told us to do, BELIEVE. Placing all your trust in a political party to fix what's wrong with this world is ludicrous. Ask yourself, when has it ever worked? You can't legislate morality. It was tried before and failed miserably.
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