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Monday, April 28, 2014


Obama's Embarrassing Race Remarks

Embarrassing to whom? The President has just as much a right as anyone else to make a comment about a controversial issue, especially if it's concerning racial remarks.
Why especially?
So why no comments on this, Speedy?

"Funny, how no reporter asks about Steve Utash, the 54-year-old white guy in Detroit beaten into a coma by blacks or random “knockout game” attacks by black youths on whites. It just never seems to come up at these press conferences."
(From the link in the blog)

If it was reversed and whites were playing that game you'd be howling.
Speedy is very selective of who he has compassion for, CT.
You have to be the right color first, that's job one.
He hates white people with a passion.
Same as Weezy.
The President is ,as hard as it is to believe cover under the 1st Amendment . Oh! just in case it has been forgotten because of the over powering of the 2nd Amendment. (side eye) ;)
The president certainly does rush to judgment a lot when it comes to race issues. The Cambridge police were “acting stupidly” in the Gates case, Trayvon Martin, whom Obama had never met, could have been his son if he had one, and now we have Obama using the Sterling issue to talk about the racial divide.

Funny, how no reporter asks about Steve Utash, the 54-year-old white guy in Detroit beaten into a coma by blacks or random “knockout game” attacks by black youths on whites. It just never seems to come up at these press conferences.

But an audio recording of a white sports team owner telling his former African-American-Mexican girlfriend, currently being accused of embezzling $1.8 million from the Sterling family, not to bring blacks or Magic Johnson to Clippers games, has prompted Mr. Obama to deliver yet another history lesson on the black experience.
That old guy is a racist but not nearly as big of a racist as barry. The old guy owns the lackers, barry is the leader of the free world. That girl that recorded him, did it without his knowledge (illegal not to inform you're being recorded), and baited him into saying that stupid sh!t.
He's embarrassing himself by even commenting on it, instead of doing what a "REAL" leader would do and that is paying attention to matters at hand ( Economy, Policy, Escalating oil) let others handle the matter besides being a racist...
Whatever I say is not going to agree with buttluv and his butt licking buddy, Speedo, so I will save my breath from them two ignorant trolls.
Emilyg and Jarasan , I know you're not saying if you don't know you are being record ,makes it none void ,that's makes it more believable that he was saying what's in his heart and mind. He's a bigot;)
That right reddog, if all you can do is name-call and hurl insults, you don't have anything to say of importance.
Al Sharpton made a statement less than an hour earlier about the Gentle in Detroit and he still in ICU but two of the lawless stupid guys have been arrested and they 're on the chase for the rest. It was a Black nurse with her gun that stop the mobs also ,so their not getting away with doing wrong to this man who didn't intentionally hit this kid. Everyone including the Black Churches are raising money for his hospital bill. This event with Sterling was" breaking News" and he was asked by a Reporter.
Buttluv, I know you didn't just say that cocaine snorting preacher in one breath? Please !!!! Side eye ;). He is a worthless, has been. He has no creditably anymore. Not even in the black community. SAD !! Almost as worthless as Obama.
reddog, he has no creditability in your community, but he has a lot of clout in the Black community because he can relate, you can't, so your words mean nothing.
Of course not it is not null and void, but he is just one old racist, like most idiots that live in the past and incapable of changing......................kinda like old racist trolls.
Jarasan , name-calling places you in a unique category.
ms. speedy,   you outed yourself again, get Aricept (Donepezil), get to a good doctor, do your family a favor before they commit you.
"That right reddog, if all you can do is name-call and hurl insults, you don't have anything to say of importance.
# posted by LiLSpeedy : 7:39 PM"

That's what most of your blog posts are speedy, the constant being you're always picking on white individuals, whites, or America in general.

Coin Toss, you and your cronies only comment on Blacks, in particular. All you do is criticize, name-call, and make fun of Black Americans 98% of the time. So don't act so surprise when I make a comment about a White. If anyone is a hypocrite, it's you and your cronies.
That's all we comment on?
Speedy, the purpose of this website escapes you.
You still don't understand. 98% of your comments are concerning Black Americans, only about 2% is other. The purpose of this website is to allow individuals the opportunity to express their opinion. You may not agree with it, but it is still their opinion. Plain and simple.
The purpose of this website is lottery information and discussions.
Todd provided an opportunity for blogs to post non-lottery stuff.
You should apply your opinions here to yourself. 100% of your postings are completely racist.
You sound like a very amateurish wannabe imitator of Rev. Wright.

If you think only 2% of my 'blog is other' you're blinded by your own prejudices and seriously need to take a remedial course in reading comprehension.

Coin Toss, I've been a member of LP since 2005, so I am well aware of what you can and cannot do on the LP.
I'm glad I got you to finally buy a membership.
"You sound like a very amateurish wannabe imitator of Rev. Wright."

Like I said Coin Toss, 98% of your comments are directed at African-Americans.

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