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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Obama, Sharpton, Magic Johnson Gang-up on NBA Owner Sterling


Why It Takes Donald Sterling To Make Jesse Jackson Talk NBA:


New Alleged Racist Audio of Sterling:


NAACP Took Grants From Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, Defended Him In The Press:


NAACP No Longer Giving Lifetime Achievement Award to Donald Sterling:


Race Hate Spewing Clippers Owner Is Democratic Donor:

Big racist and BIG Democrat donor and Democrat supporter.
Gee, what a shock.
But in the minds of the Democrats, his money is green and that's all that matters.
You probably side with the owner because you think he has a right to insult Blacks. After all, you do it everyday.
You, like Sharpton, and all the other racist chasers, including Obama,need to relax and let the investigation find if those are indeed his remarks or someone else. After all, it's not like Sharpton and Obama have perfect records on accusations. Can we say "Tawana", "Duke Lacrosse Team'. Don't forget, "the police acted stupid remark". Wonder who said that?? It would not be the first time. those two spoke out of place, now, would you not agree? Remember, my wife's Black nurse's statement, " all racists are ignorant people".
I am not going to wait for any investigation, to say what?, that this bigot is a racist ,well you can wait,but there are plenty of history behind this idiot even before this latest debargo with the LA Clippers. He was sued by his own player for his conduct in the locker room and many more acts he made against his own player. It just prove that in this country the old ignorant crowd has to die out and the new generations that will treat people fairly no matter what their origin or skin color.
If he's such a racist, then why make such a hefty contribution to the NAACP? Man the left jumped all over this, without knowing whether this is authentic or not. Started by the head RACIST and the sheeples just followed him.    Like the rest):   pathetic..
I didn't side with him, Speedy, he's one of your guys, remember?
He's a Democrat.
It's your job to defend him now.
Good luck!
Not even that Maddog, the NAACP gave him awards and he was set to recieve another one from. This man is a racist jerk that NAACP supported because the was giving them money. He has supported several demoncraps that were running for office.
Ridge, as you can see just because he is a democrat means nothing to me. Just because he's a millionaire will have no bearing. He's wrong for what he said. Plain and simple.
Just remember he's a Democrat, Speedy.
Cuz you won't be hearing the news media drone on and on and on about his politics because he's not a Republican or Conservative or TEA Party member.
He's a DEMOCRAT, so they won't be mentioning his party affiliation at all.
Otherwise he might stop contributing to your causes.
It's sad you can't see beyond party lines. You have to be miserable.
No, you remember that he's a democrat, I don't give a rat's azz about party affiliation, that's your department.
You never left the Democrat Plantation.
That's why you support him.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
That why we have so many independents in GA. We can pick who we want without being pressured by a so-called political party. All of which are dysfunctional.
Well I don't think you can vote for Mr. Sterling cuz he's in California.
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