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Monday, April 21, 2014


Michelle Obama: 'splurging is the key to life';_ylt=AwrBJSB0YVVTkxEAjGnQtDMD

She really oughta just mind her own business and leave other people's kids alone.
But it's that urge and need to CONTROL that she just can't resist.
She left out the part about splurging on other people's money. If she had to pay for all the splurging she has done, Obama would raise more than taxes.
Disrespecting the wife of a sitting President seems to be the norm for some. However, history has shown us that the hatred goes much deeper. This type of mentality has never been displayed toward a President's wife or children. I guess color does make a difference.
lil'speedy - hatred was shown for Mrs. Bush.   From the dems.
I know of none to this degree. Emily I too, have been around for a while. While I disagreed with some of our past President's political agenda, I at no time disrespected their wife or children. To say that all dems did this is not being truthful. This to me is off-limits. It's just plain wrong.
Who said anything about her children?
There you go again, making up sh!t as you go along.
Who said anything to you?
I always respond to liars.
If you don't like it go somewhere else or stop lying.
Otherwise deal with it.
Nobody said anything about her children and you know it.
That was a big fat lie.
Again, this was an A & B conversation, so C your way out of it. Everyone on this thread is grown and is able to speak for themselves. You add nothing to conversation, you are just being a flaming troll.
No, you think you should be able to push women around with impunity without any interference from anybody. Well sorry Dude, that ain't happening. Not here, not now.
Even though Emily can handle the likes of you with no problem.
So quit lying about the children.
And don't be so overly sensitive every time I catch you lying.
It happens everyday.
You are wasting your time worrying about me. As for you, you are not even a challenge. You bore people to death with the same rhetoric. Don't think of yourself more than you should, it's embarrassing.
I don't consider it a waste of time to expose liars.
Everybody appreciates that.
If you're comment about children wasn't a lie, then prove it and I'll apologize.
Otherwise don't get so offended when I body slam you when you know you have it coming.
You are obviously looking for some attention, sorry but I don't have any to spare. Everyone knows that you are the biggest liar on the thread.
Can't prove it, can ya son?
So you just call names instead.
Don't wanna talk about her children anymore, do ya?
You hate when I catch you lying all the time, don'tcha?
Calling you a lie, in most cases, is a fact. Calling you anything other than rdgrnr/ridge is name-calling.
Who is lying about the children here, me or you?
Is it absolutely impossible for you to tell the truth?
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