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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ryan, Obama and 'Racism'

Same Gibberish. Nothing new. Moving on-----------------------------------------------
"The attacks on Mr. Ryan are one more example of the politics of personal vilification that typifies the left these days. Its policies were supposed to reduce inequality, but instead the income gap is widening. They were supposed to lift people out of poverty, but poverty has increased.

So the last thing they can tolerate is a conservative like Mr. Ryan who is looking for better solutions and using a moral language of opportunity and upward mobility that could appeal to Americans of all incomes and backgrounds. Liberals have to smear conservatives personally because they know they're losing on the merits."
That is the most accurate synopsis of their agenda that I've read, Thanks Emily...!
I am sorry Ms Emilyg but that's a bunch of BS talk your blazing out you out of touch mouth. That 's all those stupid a$$ Pubs trying to make negative below the belt comments about the Black families and any other minority they think, well they know they can't get a vote from ,you madam isn't nothing but a stage piece for the pubs. You need to check yourself because these folks still live in a time when people not like them came through the back door and all the trash talk about FLOTUS and the POTUS and even their kids isn't about policies and you do it too . What's your point to fit in ,it's a wash. When people like them speaks about my culture or the right word "race" as a collective smear on us, you d*mn right I will speak out, to be in your shoes must be a hell of trip every single day of your pretend life. Maybe some of you are too old to be remind that our great grand fathers and grand moms fought hard for our equal rights not to treated as pawns in a game of life. Paul Ryan punk a$$ knew exactly what the hell he was saying for his judgemental paranoid base. He needs to stay in his lane. The President is right.;)
Excellent points, Emily.
Emily, spot on.
ms. lilluv, please stop with the moron in the hood writing act, it is so obvious what you really are. SAD. You get off on that crap don't you?
mrs. jarasan you just have to put your 1-cent response're such a scary slut. Open up your sofa bed and go to sleep b-itch. Your cubicle and telephone is waiting for you at work.
Jarasan , sometime you make good points . I as a young person of color is offend by what people say about my culture, you can't broad smear all of us as being people beneath you no matter what we do. I 'll tell it like I see it. Believe it or not there are many people that have the same belief as me. Why do President Obama get a pass, it come from a good place and Paul Ryan didn't . Have you ever heard that you can talk about your family ,but I can't. Oh! I have never lived in the hood , however I am in solidarity with all my people in the hood or in the Suburbs. No, what is sad is that we all can't live without being so judgmental.
@lilluv, speedy- a Question for you two??

With all the money that has been spent on poverty, why hasn't the hood, ghetto disappeared or improved? Billions of dollars have been spent building low-income housing. Five years later they become slums, am I wrong. Billions of dollars spent on education, Florida A&M has a graduation rate of 9%. What is wrong that picture? Look at Detroit, a city run by blacks, bankrupt, what is wrong with that picture, there are many more examples? When you show people, other than blacks these pictures, what do they see. When black people like Mr West and Dr. Carson speak about the issues, why can't you two understand what they are telling you??? Is it because you don't want too???

Before either of you answer with, "you know nothing about minorities", read the above article. This is the area I was born and raised. I was 17 at the time. Maybe, I know more about the race issue than you want to believe.
@lilluv I understand completely, as I grew up in the "hood".
Your whole life is centered around excuses for your failures in life. It makes you feel better to blame someone other than yourself so you spend all your time looking for scapegoats. Who do you blame for the fact that you can hardly speak or write in the English language?
Take responsibility for yourself. Show a little self-respect and the willingness to rise above adversity like Allen West and Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas did instead of wallowing in your self-pity claiming someone is holding you down. Get rid of that lifetime loser attitude and if nothing else you'll feel better about yourself.
That is the whole problem in a nutshell. They have been brainwashed for so long by the democrats, who want to keep them in the ghettos'. They don't look at all the successful black people, who are not racist and have pride in their accomplishments.
A double minded person is unstable in all his ways. You ASSuME too much. Many Blacks are successful, well educated, and don't live in the so-called ghetto. Only small minded people believe such GONE WITH THE WIND nonsense.
Speedy, I learned that ASSuME crap, a very long time ago in communication classes. I don't ASSuME a   thing, it's the experiences, I have lived.
Carbo, if you judge everyone by a stereotype your life experiences is flawed.
No, you're just a racist bigot, mrs speedy.
Piss off B-itch! You like that kind of talk, huh Mrs. ridge.
No, you're just a racist bigot, mrs speedy.
Piss off B-itch! You like that kind of talk, huh Mrs. ridge.

No, you're just a racist bigot, mrs speedy.
Piss off B-itch! You like that kind of talk, huh Mrs. ridge.

Carbo, if you judge everyone by a stereotype your life experiences is flawed.
# posted by LiLSpeedy : 7:07 PM

Another racist word you and lilluv use a lot. My life experiences has no stereotypes. Everything is real, sterotypes are false, except white men can't jump, which is real.
You evidently do not know the meaning of life experiences or you are confused. " They don't look at all the successful black people, who are not racist and have pride in their accomplishments." This is an assumption, a lie, and a stereotype all rolled into one. I know hundreds of successful Black men and women. But your definition of success is obviously different than mines.
Do you know any who are not racist? When you look at the Obamas', Holder, Oprah, do you see racists', I do. The blacks, I know are not racist. I know a young black man in his late 20's, met his mom many times. He tells me Obama is a socialist and racist. His mom agrees with him. What do they see, that you don't? Don't say I'm stereotyping. I know everyone don't think alike.
No, you're just a racist bigot, mrs speedy.
Same Gibberish. Nothing new. Moving on----------------------------------------------->

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