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Sunday, March 2, 2014


'Putin is playing chess, we're playing MARBLES': Weak Obama and Kerry have been out-foxed

Obama needs to get the UN to act on this with UN troops. That is what UN troops are suppose to be for.
For the US to go in alone with troops will be an act of aggression on the Russian troops. Putin has his military in there now which puts him at an advantage.
The US is cutting its military force which is making the US weaker militarily.
I do not think this country wants military conflict with Russia and Putin knows it. All he!! will break loose.
Watch out for North Korea too.

It's nice to see an intelligent response, for a change, to an important topic. I agree with you on this, especially in terms of the strategy and policy. But, be mindful of what you've said about Obama doing anything...the idiots are already prepared to say that all he wants is war and conflict with Russia. We're supposed to just sit back and let it all ride. Then, they'll all double right back and holler how Obama is weak and is afraid to do anything...lacks leadership.

Sarah Palin...she is pure, unadulterated desperation for the scared and weak. You know what they say about that old broke ass clock...and it only takes it 24 hours to be right once. Six years later...when it was actually supposed to have happened soon after he took office.

Excerpt: Back in 2008 while running for president, the former Republican governor said then-Senator Barack Obama's reaction to Russia invading Georgia would "encourage" Russia to invade Ukraine next.

Excerpt: Kerry said he spoke on Saturday with foreign ministers from the Group of Eight countries and a few other nations, and "every single one of them are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate Russia" because of the invasion.

So, as we can see, there is full support based on your first two sentences which is why I agree. The above excerpts came from the following link and are current:
Good research Lucky Loser. This should put Miss Sarah's so-called prophesy to bed once and for all. Oh the marvels of the internet.
And in the grand scheme of things wouldn't you want to make your adversary think you were weak/unready in order to get them to make the first move then pounce on them, our weapon teck is superior to all others.
Moe, Larry and Curly...
God help us...
@luckyloser& @Lilspeedy.
I want the both of you to show us where Sarah Palin stated" It would happen six years ago" Oh yes the marvels of the internet. The piece the loser is talking about came from the Foreign Policy Magazine. Furthermore Kerry's insight is nothing but political BS, this is what puts both of them to shame. Did the both of you just read enough to ring your bell, or did you just skip over the check-mate part.?
Excerpt from the same writing that loser made his assumptions):
The U.S. and Europe are not obligated to come to Ukraine's defense because it does not have full-member status in NATO. Broader international action through the United Nations seems all but impossible because of Russia's veto power as a permanent member of the Security Council.

Kerry tried to frame the crisis as broader than U.S. versus Russia or East versus West. ""We're not trying to make this a Cold War," he said. It's about Ukrainians "fighting against the tyranny of having political opposition put in jail.""
One question for both of you, Are you two PEAS from the same POD??
I am glad the asinine comments made by the flaming trolls are opinions. Some of you rely too much on excerpts and not enough on actual research from more than one source.
Boy, these last comments seem like they're coming from someone looking In the mirror.
I'm surmising the truth really hurts. Now listen to this. The BS you two based you assumption on came from One (1), yes one (1) article, and now you say from more than one source.
whoops, have a nice trip, see yah next FALL...
Checked and Checked Mated...     Two pawns in a POD.
Talk is cheap, cheap, cheap. Anyone can do it in the comfort of their home behind a computer screen. Yes siree BOB.
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