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Monday, March 17, 2014


Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' initiative may have increased obesity rates

Somebody should show her a picture of herself from behind.
Weight loss begins at home.
In the meantime, she should just leave the kids alone and find another hobby to get attention for herself.
When was the last time you looked at your BMW body? (Body Made Wrong)
WTF!! Liars all lies.;)
Oh boy, need I continue cutting off all the complete idiots at the knees? Okay, so, here we have the first lady doing her part in promoting health and nutrition...just as other 1st ladies did but her's has more emphasis. America is, in fact, over weight and heart disease is on the rise...diabetes and all. So, she's dead wrong for trying to get people to eat healthier, feel better, and live longer? If this is the case, then quit following your own doctor's orders and prescriptions after they've told you that you have issues and what's gonna fix 'em.

The remedy usually includes an ADJUSTMENT IN DIET...period. Cut back on salty foods, reduce your sugar intake, eat more veggies and fruits, drink lots of water and low sugar juices instead of sodas. If Michelle and the doctor are both saying the same thing but, you're only getting mad at Michelle because you don't want her giving you advice, or, be in your personal life then tell your doctor the same thing. Hey, refuse his orders and medications while you're at it...tell him/her that they sound just like that   Michelle Obama and that you're not down with that $hit!

Tell 'em that you're rather just be sick than feel like you're doing what the 1st lady says is the right thing...even though they're telling your dumb ass the same thing. "What's that, doc? I'm gonna have diabetes if I don't cut out all the carbs that turn into sugar and let go of my sweets? Screw you and the people that work for ya! All y'all sound just like that ed Obama..and I ain't givin' up a ed thang!!!"

Hmmm, I'll bet you surely won't be able to keep your same doctor then. He he...tongue tickle my ass and give me some of that booger sugar!!!! These folks demonstrate just how truly dumb and illiterate they are every minute of the day. Keep stickin''s lookin' good!
They sure are, and you're the prime example. Thanks.
Loser said:
"tongue tickle my ass and give me some of that booger sugar!!!!

Yep, he's a Democrat.
They got a thing about hairy man-ass.

Ms speedytroll will forgive him now and probably fall in love.

lls' and speddy's comments still don't hide the fact, that she walks around with a large yard.
So, I guess the only one's who are walking around cut off at the knees are the two walking with elbow pads on. You two couldn't orchestrate a symphony of azz jerkers on the bowl trying to blow a Tuba...
Mrs. ridge everyone knows you lead a double life.
Sounds like you're projecting again, miss speedy.
What's your secret life, cupcake?

Mrs. ridge, you and your BFF are the only ones on the blog that constantly talk about men's hairy AZZES. Be careful before you lie, it's too easy to find, it's memorialized.
You want it made law that you can in Loser's words, "tongue tickle his ass" and then legally marry him.
Don't go and lie about it now.
That was your leader Loser who said that above in post #5.
Don't lie now!
He was talking to you ma'am.
Don't speak for Loser.
He told you to STFU.
He was speaking to you ma'am. Just like lilluv told you that people like you get an azz kicking if you say that to someone on the streets. I told you that a long time ago. Your mouth is your problem...but I have always been a good problem solver.
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