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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Is Paul Ryan Racist?

Geez is Obama a racist? what a dumb question... Consider the source.
There IS a culture of inner city men not working, that's a fact.
Why is it racist to say it?
Or do the Democrats have a politically correct way to say it that doesn't OFFEND anybody's sensibilities?
What's worse, not wanting to work or somebody saying you don't want to work?
I'm so tired of Democrats getting OFFENDED at anything and every little thing somebody might say.
Let's give those a$$holes their own two or three states and be rid of 'em.
Sniveling, whining, baby-killing bas-tards.
Sick of 'em.
@rr that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The Democrats have wasted billions and billions of dollars trying to improve their standards, it doesn't work and never will.
Democrats and their believers think everyone but them are racists.

After all, what better way to shut down the truth than to accuse the messenger of being racist?
Hell he may not be a racist ,but he's   sure as hell a DICK!! WTF! inner city men, hell their white ,brown and black so what the hell (side eye) he was READ. He need to be given the Gag ward.;)
Broad brush=very unintelligent every time. Truth is (R)'s, just like (D)'s have a percentage of those that are extremists in one way or the other. The original definition of racism was based on differential treatment of one ethnicity from another for the same circumstances, treatment, etc. It has evolved into subtle yet sophisticated methods and only the properly trained ear can recognize it.

With that said, folks can tell the truth about a particular thing while not appearing racist but, have an underlying motive. The opposite is also true. Here's the problem: so many of these people are caught talking 'behind the scenes'...'supposedly off the record'...'at closed meetings' and are saying things they'd never come right out and say in the general public. Once this happens, there's no way around it. However, hate can be readily identified by the repeated style of implication, delivery, and referral to a particular thing, event, etc. I have a few ideas for all those women having abortions...let's have a look. One, we can open lots more adoption centers. Two, they can be required to have hysterectomies at birth to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Three, men and women engaging in intercourse must have a (R) present to make sure they're both both protected to prevent pregnancy.

Four, pass a law making it unconstitutional and a felony to have unprotected sex especially when not married...punishable with life in prison. Five, force them to 'lay in the bed they made'...literally. Those are just a few 'quickies' if you will. I'm certain that ONLY black (D) women have sex and have other races do this. There's so much care and concern for those (D)'s but, what are they doing about it?

Let's all get together and infiltrate those neighborhoods where this is all going on...let's go in thumping Bibles and preaching with bags of condoms and snakes wrapped around our arms yelling, "And thus saith the Lord...thine asseth shall burn in hell for gving up the asseth before getting a ringeth on thine handeth!!!!Every one of us that had sex before marriage...we should burn in hell forever with no forgiveness. Whenever I see an attractive woman, I should be cast down for lusting even though I just looked. Oh, but wait a minute...wait one cotton pickin' minute!! Drunkenness is a sin, too. How many folk get drunk? Who has too much to drink? What's the frequency of it? Okay, tell ya what. Every time a person get's drunk, they should lose a limb.

Hey, whaddaya know...I'm a bonafide (R) now!!!!! I'm gonna run for office and smash Hillary's ass 'cause every will agree with my beliefs!!!! Yep, I'm gonna put an all out assault...a ban on humans having sex!!! Ban vagina!!! I'll make different penalties for all the different races that commit the same offense. I'm gonna pass laws that'll allow fast food places to profile gay people per their own criteria and refuse service...even if they really don't know people are gay. Yeah, that's it!!! I'll mandate Gay Cards!!! Drivers License codes will then have "Class G" on 'em!!!!

Vote for me, LUCKY LOSER!!! I hate any and everyone not like me that makes mistakes. I'm perfect!!! I'm gonna have all the Bibles re-written with only what I want to enforce and punish by. Instead of giving the State of the Union Address, I'm gonna preach on your jacked up marriages, the right way to have sex, who you can have sex with, why interracial marriages/relationships are a sin, and I'm stickin' my nose everywhere!!!
Hot off the press and a long time coming. Get all your (R) cronies together along with Rush, Sean, Michael, Glenn, and all of 'em to smoke this General for violating his marital values. Adultery, sodomy, lust, covetousness, misappropriation of government funds, and the list goes on.

This, in response to the last entry about the preacher kicking over after having cheated on his wife all that time:

See, most of the dumb (R)'s wanna try and point the finger at all (D)'s that caught up in bad things...'cause they, nor any of their people, can do no wrong. Here we have of the highest ranking dudes in the military and he's a (R) for sure. While (R)'s are running around pushing marriage, family values, religious beliefs, and how ALL (R)'s follow, this guy has been busy just like many others that just haven't been caught yet. Some cheat and some don't but, most (R)'s like to just broad brush everything relating to (D)'s which is why you look so STUPID. There are people that have friends of the opposite party that know full well that their (D) friends are completely opposite of what's being pushed about them...and I'm one 'em.

Wanna rag on someone for corrupting your narrative? What better guy than this one? Or, would you rather wait until a (D) military leader comes up on charges for the same thing? We know (D)'s are worse and do it more, too. Think we can get Ted Cruz to call this up and straighten him out? Maybe Dan Patrick, who's a Christian first, is willing to drop the hammer on him. Since Ted Cruz likes reading stories maybe he can go to prison and visit this guy and read him the Bible for hours on end.

Thanks Lucky Loser for expressing the ????? we ask every freaking day.;)
First comes Manic and then Depressed.
They don't make any sense but they're good for a laugh.

Mrs. Ridge quit telling everyone your condition.
I don't know for sure if Weezy is depressed but Loser is obviously manic.
I mean look at that never-ending gibberish and nonsense he writes. Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah....and it probably makes sense to him!
Tell the truth for once, he wasn't afraid to tell you to STFU, was he?
Mrs. ridge are you jealous? You know you need to go to church and quit living that double life.
You're not making sense again, ms speedytroll.
Better STFU like Loser told you.
Mrs. ridge you know lying has become a part of one take you serious any more. I wonder why?
Don't wanna talk about what Loser told you, huh?
I don't blame you, son, LOL.
I know what lilluv told you buster. LOL. Your mouth keeps you in trouble Mrs. ridge.
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