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Monday, March 17, 2014


Ben Carson: America's now 'very much like Nazi Germany'

America will never be like Nazi Germany. However, there are groups that operate in America that have the mentality of Nazi Germany.
He needs to stop kissing a$$es, He's dealing with the ones with those tendencies.;)
You two should be ashamed of yourselves, not only are both of you, an embarrassment to the human race, you are an embarrassment to the black race. You insult a prominent American citizen who happens to be black, for speaking his mind, because he doesn't agree with Obama's politics. For you information, I don't agree with Obama's politics. Rev King would be very proud of you two, NOT.
Those are the words spoken by a true bigot. F-uck you! You piece of hillbilly sh!t! You are an embarrassment to the white race. Who are you to tell someone what they can say or not say. STFU and KMAB!
Watch it CARBOB, ms speedytroll thinks only he can comment on other posters' comments.
He has been threatening my life for disagreeing with him.
But I forgive him.
He knows not what he does.
You shouldn't call people the H word, ms speedytroll.
That's racism.
Our trolls hate Doctor Carson with a passion for leaving the Democrat Plantation and making something of himself without Whitey's free stuff.
It makes them look stupid.
And Doctor Carson is right, America is very, very much like Nazi Germany now.
Mrs. ridge, I have to admit you girls are very protective of each other. Freaky!
Dr. Carson has real accomplishments that speak for themselves, he doesn't need be an arrogant and boastful braggart anybody.   His humble and confident eloquence rattles the numb skulls of the insecure, judgmental, barry worshiping minions still living in the brainwashed demoncrat plantation.
Who are you kidding? You'd say that Ronald McDonald if he agreed with your whack agenda. Get a life!
Who are you kidding? You'd say that to Ronald McDonald if he agreed with your whack agenda. Get a life!
I will say whatever I wants and I,yes I have million more of the same mind as I ,Carson was in that Brain Surgeon room too long and end up operating on himself and we all know job done on self isn't a good ideal whether it's a lawyer, hair stylist , doctor or sex therapist. (): I don't need any guy that probably was against Dr. King when he was fighting for civil rights for me and million giving me any da*n advise on him STFU!!!;)
ms. speedy and ms. lilluv show their demoncrat brainwashed plantation mentalities once again! You stupid mfr's.
Black Americans reject anyone that is a puppet of the repubs mrs. jarasan. Now get back to your cubicle, your break is over honey.
So that makes ms.speedy and ms.lillluv plantation puppets of demoncrats. Foolish trolls.
mrs. jarasan you are the fool. You rant about things you have no control over. Sad. Now go back to your cubicle and do your work b-itch!
Weezy, you write like a second-grader. Have you ever been to school?
Miss speedy and Miss Weezy have had a lifetime of sucking up to Boss Whitey on The Democrat Plantation for free stuff.
And all they have to do is sell their vote, give up their dignity and say goodbye to their self-respect.
They think it's a great deal.
Mrs. ridge you so crazy.
Maybe, maybe not.
But what I said is true.
And you know it.
Mrs. ridge you so crazy.
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