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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


8 Sneaky Racial Code Words and Why Politicians Love Them

Now everyone has to be cautious of what they say? Racially coded words? please , do these people sit up and watch Sci-Fi at night and then have the audacity to print this garbage..
Anyone of color that have common sense knows what those words mean. They are used in large gatherings so as not to offend people of color that may be mixed among the crowd. This is nothing new for the repubs, dems do it to, just not as much as repubs.
Say what you mean and get over it. It is what it is. No need to beat around the bush.
Civil rights was primarily a Black issue.
Immigration reform is primarily an illegal Hispanic issue.
Federal programs that target specific issues say who it benefits the most.

Fukin get over it and move on.

LOL, what a bunch of typical, politically correct, touchy-feely, DON'T-OFFEND-ANYONE, Democrat bullsh!t.
Democrats are a whole culture of sniveling, whining, whimpering weasels.
Does that OFFEND anybody?
Then Mrs. ridge, why do tough repubs speak in codes?
Because they're all pussies just like the Democrats now, conditioned to be terrified of being called a racist.
Well, I'm not trying to be tough or projecting myself as such either, but You are a black Racist, Bigoted individual who has nothing but issues with a white man, why so, it's because of your upbringing. No, I don't know you, nor do I care to know you. Your actions speaks volumes speedy.
Now, that's my opinion and it's not CODED nor Coated . I will tell it like it is. I'm not a flamer like you who thinks he's being persecuted because of his color.. If you want to live like 300 years ago, then go back and do so....!
I'm not a politician either, just a Republican who can stand up for his own rights, and if you don't like it TS. So, be my guest, go ahead and whine all you want.
That's right M-Dog don't be ashamed to be who you truly are no blinder here. At last someone on the other side tells the truth.;)
Racial "code words" are the biggest crock of bull to come out of this century ... so far. This crap showed up during Obama's first Presidential campaign to guilt people in their opposition to Obama. They even proclaimed PBJ sandwiches to be racist. Lord save us from idiocy.

Tax cuts? TAX CUTS are racist code words? I'd like to keep more of my paycheck so I can save more for retirement since Congress continues to raid social security to the point that the 7% of my paycheck the Feds confiscate every payday will not be there when I retire.

And "States Rights"? Really? Have these people read the Constitution? Hello? 10th Amendment?

"Sharia Law"? Um, really? Are these idiots paying attention? Muslims want Sharia Law applied to common law, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment that says the government will make no law respecting the establishment of a religion. And isn't it a bit racist of the author to assume all Muslims are 'brown'?

The ignorance and reverse racism of these people and the bigotry of the liberals in today's America never cease to amaze me. Hypocritical jackanapes.

I honestly don't give a damm about skin color or race. I dislike liberal policies whether they are being shoved down out throats by a black man, white woman, old white man, LGBT he-she, Hispanic, or Oriental. Liberal policies suck. Period.
hallelujah, Piaceri that is the best analogy of a liberal I've heard this week. Thanks for the honesty.
I respect Piaceri's opinion, but #10 yours is the usual foolishness.
# 11 did that come out of the top hole or another hole? really doesn't matter, they're all from the same Ass. I see other peoples opinions have got you flaming again Huh??
Hey that's what Democrats do best don't they? ( FLIP FLOP ). You state you respect someone's opinion after he rips the Liberal side of you up one side and down the other, but make an asinine statement that someone else's is foolishness.
Man, you opened mouth and inserted foot on that one Hypocrite...!
That is the difference between me and you, I respect his opinion about the topic because he was talking about liberals in general and no specific person. That doesn't bother me in the least because I do the same to repubs. All this back and forth is unnecessary and off the subject.
Oh you bet there is a difference between you and I. I've said the same thing for a long time about what type of person you really are. Before I make a total LIAR out of you and really expose to everyone what a Racist and a Bigot and hypocritical person you are by your own asinine blog posts including your last part of that prior statement.
Yes all the way back to when you first called someone Ignorant and told them to STFU, etc,etc.

Oh by the way my comment wasn't about anyone specific either, so there blows your theory doesn't it. Need more time to think this one over, be my guest...
Azzhole before you can expose someone, you have to know them. Since you don't anything that you say is pure speculation. You can say whatever you like to Lilspeedy, I don't think it's possible to hurt an avatar's feeling. LOL
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