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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Why President Obama looks so exhausted

What did he expect the presidency to be? A walk in the park.
The less experience one has the harder the job is.
That is the best synopsis I've heard today Jap... He's definitely exhausted.
Looks like he need to get himself some Obamacare, I forgot, the plan is so Sh*tty, he exempted himself.
No, Jap69 but he didn't expect your side of the aisle to act like bullies and cry babies. :) Not mention hostage takers. :(
2014 Congress will be out of a job.
It came from him being bitch-slapped by Putin, over Syria!! He finally realizes, he was educated beyond his intelligence.

Oh, boo hoo were acting like cry babies and Bullies. Boooooooo Hoooooooooo...!!
Now were terrorist? go up to the 13th floor and jump koolaider...
posted by lilluv : 10:59 AM
Whomever is president gets it from the opposing party.
Who was the bullys during the enactment procedure for the affordable care act?
Who is using bullying language during the current debate on the CR in congress?
Bullying in politics goes on and on.
OH, so SAD...
My words exact!
This "community organizer" is clueless and has proven not to be a leader.... I guess when you are on stage and pretending, it will make you look exhausted...!!!
Exhausted? That's what happens when your lies start catching up with you. It also keeps your eyes wide open at night...
Some of the information that President Obama is privy to on a daily basis would give some of you a heart attack. Please, you know not what you are talking about.
This is the most inexperienced president we ever had.
You have a right to your opinion.
He's a puppet and has been shamed as everyone knows, and those that follow him are puppeteers because they lack any knowledge about him, and quite simply he doesn't have the knowledge to share. He may be the president to all the low information voters, but NOT to the rest of the world..   And that's my opinion. If it's not acceptable to you, simple, DON'T READ IT.
More BS.
How can barry be so tired?? val and mooch are running the show.
More BS.
Maybe he is hooked on jet lag medication.
I don't think so Jap, but I believe the rest of his followers are hooked on it...!
What are you hooked on besides HATE?
I don't hate anyone hamhock. But I can honestly say I dislike the Shiite out of you and for what YOU stand for...
Good! The feeling is mutual.
Troll Boy stands for killing babies.
And oh yeah, sodomy.
He loves sodomy.
Head BIGOT is a hypocrite and an INFIDEL.
Yeah, I disagree with Barry so I'm a bigot.
And I condemn the muslim barbarian savages for slaughtering my Christian brothers and sisters and their children all over the world so I'm an infidel.
But that's just in the evil mind of a typical America-hating, God-hating, Christian-hating, baby-killing, sodomy-loving, lying Democrat so it means nothing.
But one thing everybody here can and will agree on is that you, LilPeePee, are an @sshole.
I think the vote would be unanimous except for your illiterate bulldog friend, lilluv.
LiLSpeedy it is what it is there are Lp members that don't want or need the headache of the three or four amigos . What ,I say to some of my friends about their parents or relatives it's generational. They understand and we get alone it's our world that count. We love the President and his beautiful family.
They are miserable and want everyone to share their hate, bigotry, and prejudice. Well, that is not going to happen. I was called a baby killer when I came back to the world in 1970, it didn't bother me then, and it don't bother me now. If one is guilty by association, then we are all guilty. I never worry about what cowards over the internet say...they know they are safe to be something that they know they are not. I suggest you stay on the internet.
SAD indeed.
Actually, it's kinda funny!
Especially your ever changing fairy tales.
You're like a superhero!
Typical cyber talk by cyber coward.

Shut up Stupid.
Warning: bigot alert.
Shut up Stupid.
Warning: Bigot alert.
baby killer alert
Warning: Bigot alert.
Don't go to sleep bigot..we will be up all night.
Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
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