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Thursday, September 12, 2013


What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

Putin will lead us out of the twilight zone.

Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin.

International diplomacy is certainly preferable to military intervention. I applaud President Putin for bringing the conversation to a higher level. Additionally, the proposed solution is far more likely to yield real results that any limited military strike would. If the real objective in this situation is Chemical Weapon Stockpiles, then certainly it is more sensible to dismantle and destroy the stockpiles under the scrutiny of organized international verification, then to vainly attempt to deter and degrade the Syrian Government's military capability with the vague hope that "they won't do it again."
If we had a leader, he might have written the same. But, unfortunately we are saddled with a person who thinks we can clean up another Country's back yard before we show every one else that we are capable of cleaning up ours.
I applaud President Putin again, for a concerted effort to at least let the American people know that someone with experience is looking for a viable solution to this. Whats really a shame is that America doesn't have anyone capable of stepping up and addressing the people without telling LIES...
Just read where the White House responded to President Putin's article. Typical of this administration to say " he's invested in it now, it's his baby " . What a pansy remark from a so-called leaders administration. You've just shown to the American public the type of diplomacy you're capable of. Pathetic, totally Pathetic...!!!!
Shows you how much an administration wants to work with the international community.
It was all fine to try and get the support of the international community for a strike against Syria as long as the US was the top player.
Vietnam survived all right after the US pullout under the North Vietnam government system. I am sure Syria can survive under Assad rather than under a bunch of different rebel organizations who will be fighting over leadership.
There is no compromise with the devil. Play on his turf and your soul belongs to him. Praising the devil is for nonbelievers.
You are absolutely right Lil Speedy.
You've got to be phuckin' kiddin' me. Actually, it's pretty much on par with all the hype on talk radio...propaganda. Everyone's on board with Putin and the way he so-say checked Obama and Kerry. Well, he also checked the American people in his Op-Ed write-up...pretty much slammed us in terms of our 'exceptionalism' with freedom and who we are.

Basically, he said that the US 'thinks it's all that and it's very dangerous to be this way'. Then, we have a bunch of stupid, uninformed, and trifling folk 'praising' him just because they hate the president, and, like to see the friction between him and our president. The way I see it, since Putin is such the ideal man with the plan, then move to Russia. Yeah, see he's got his sh-t together over there and his country is to be desired by all. I kinda like the way all this is going and you'll soon see why.

People are being spun out of control by the media, as usual, and radio on this's a game for them. While this is the better alternative, it's already took a hard turn into the wall. They only wanted to release 'information' about the weapons and stalled the idea of seizure. Kerry blatantly knocked it off the table because that wasn't the deal. This is the type of guy people are praising for all the wrong reasons, but it's their prerogative to be stupid.

How much of a stockpile of these weapons exists in Syria? Are we talking several thousand pounds or tons of 'em? How do we know they haven't already transferred a portion of them? How can they even begin to be accounted for if we don't know what all they have for chemical weapons? Who's gonna be in charge of destroying the weapons? Who's gonna be able to verify they're all accounted for and destroyed?

Yeah, Putin and Assad are to be fully trusted with taking care of the weapons...after already side stepping accountability efforts. I can't wait for people to see just how gullible hate really makes's coming fast. Congress has their work cut out big time.

Pootin and ASSad are both emissaries of the devil and anyone that has praise for them are themselves deceived and followers.
Yeah, Assad wants the US to terminate sending weapons to Syria, and, to take any proposals of a strike off the table. All this while Russia continues to supply them with whatever they want, and, has 'dibs' on the chemicals weapons oversight. For the dummies out there, it toolk (8) years of deception, shucking and jiving UN inspectors, and lies from Saddam to deal with his chemical weapons.

Guess what? We never saw high or low on those weapons to this very day. This country, Syria, is sitting on at least 1,000 tons of chemical/biological weapons...TONS. These people are on a serious mission and if we don't get a proper handle on all this, they will be used on us. Also, to follow up on how stupid, sick, unintelligent, and 'traitorized' the Putin lovers are, many lawmakers have slammed him for what he said in his Op-Ed. One of them said, "He wanted to vomit."

This man attacks American freedoms, it's beliefs, way of life, and the complete idiots 'praise' him just so they feel good for hating Obama anyway. These people shouldn't even be allowed to vote, and, should be exiled immediately. To Rush's credit on this, he was rubbed the wrong way and expounded on it. But, it was too late because he'd already gave Putin his props in much the same way...and hadn't seen the Op-Ed yet.

It's one thing to entertain a remote alternative to a strike,and, something totally different to tongue kiss a man that has besmirched this country's ideals...openly. That's far beyond pathetic.
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