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Friday, September 6, 2013


President Obama could lose big on Syria in House

I see Irans threats in the news today. This is not going to be a simple drop a few bombs and go home.
I said it a few days ago. Attacking Syria with a few bombs is a declaration of war.
Obama needs to think this one over very carefully.
President Obama is between a rock and a hard place. He is   if he do, and   if he don't. I hope he bomb their aszzz, because he is going to have the last say anyway. Let the cowards be cowards, and nay sayers piss their pants.
LET THE aRABS BOMB. Why should our troops die.
I said the same thing Jap, he needs to think long and hard. Actually it's quite simple, we clean up our backyard and let them do the same..!   If they want to be uncivilized, let them keep killing one another. Us getting involved in someone else's way of life will not deter them from doing it again if we were to ever convene on their lives. Fork NO, tell this Shiite for brains in the house to put his nose back on his own face and stand DOWN , just like he told them to do in Benghazi....!!!
When did our troops stop dying? We are over 6,000 now.
While their talking about whether to bomb them or not there should already be an agent in Assad place of resident and silent this goose forever. No need for bomb at this point and after that put the military in check. Let them know with no uncertainity that if they harm a hair on the heads of the allies there will be H_E_L_L to pay. I am PO these stupid people have been at war for thousands of years in the Middle East!
@JAP69: Very intelligent post. Yep, I heard about that as well. Iran has supposedly threatened to attack our American interests via their allies in Iraq if we strike Syria. Now, that's big considering we still have 'business' there, and, a return to Iraq to protect those interests is a whole 'nother can o' worms. The general consensus is that that it'll spawn numerous wars, but doing nothing can also present free reign of the middle east... there would be no regulation of chemical weapons and all hell will break loose. Everything we've invested in ALL THESE YEARS over there will have been for nothing. All the soldiers having served, sacrificed and getting wounded both mentally and physically...gone.

Does this make sense? Not tryin' to sell you or anyone else...this is what's being discussed behind closed doors. No one likes war, but look at our track record: Reagan, both Bush's, and Clinton had to deal with wars... (30) years of administration and now they want 'Obama' to just sit back and watch? It will be a first if we take the back seat...maybe that will make Obama shine more than the rest...who knows.
Lord, I come before you right now and beg you to have mercy on poster #4 for he knoweth not just how STUPID what he sayeth in his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sentences really sounds. If you could just touch his weak, feeble brain just a little and pose this question, "Why didn't the U.S. apply that logic to Iraq because they were doing the same thing that Syria is now?" Amen.
@Speedy: Yes, sir.
@Miss Emily: I agree with you 120%...which is why we should conduct a Saraevo-style strike (1995) to clear the area if we do strike. For the most part, it really should be all on them, but what would such a blatant change in our position say to the rest of the world? I'm just asking. They're using the argument of us NOT policing the world but, why all of a sudden now, we decide to 'turn in our badge'...and on Obama's watch? This is deeper than people are letting on to, believe me.
You cant reason with Satanists within the government. Even if Obama loses the vote. They will still push it through. Thank Lyndon B. Johnson for that with, via the War Powers Act. The United States has become a mercenary army doing the bidding of the Saudis. This will get VERY interesting soon. Russian, Chinese, American warships all in close proximity. What I don't understand is we were rather happy when 100,000 Syrians killed eachother in a civilized fashion, and then 1000 people died in a rather insidious fashion, and even without proper investigation by the UN and many unanswered question, the Liars in the military are going bat s**t to instill some collateral damage that will surely be as many as 1000 people and maybe more when we bomb a school by mistake. This has the look of false flag, but who cares. We have to help the rebels, after all they are al-queda right?
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