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Monday, August 12, 2013


Oprah Winfrey's account of being racially profiled at Swiss boutique is 'not true,' says shop clerk

What did you really expect? She, like other democrats twist things to their liking. The version of the clerk telling her " It's just like the one behind the glass only more expensive", sounds more like the story being told. Why wouldn't the clerk show it to her, after all the clerk would be making the sale...   She's been taking to many lessons from the puppetmeister..
Oprah is telling the truth. She has no reason to make this up. What was her motive? What does she have to gain? Absolutely nothing! Racial profiling is nothing has been going on for years. The clerk, like a few others is living in denial. Stereotyping the wrong people can be costly.
Of course, OPRA the phat is telling the truth, phat super rich people cannot lie.
Ignorance is bliss.
It's her version of the truth! The clerk's version is probably closer to the truth, with the clerk's knowledge of the English language, in her favor. She is not fluent in English. O', like all Americans, when they are in foreign countries, expect everyone to be fluent in English. O' simply misunderstood.   good thing she wasn't in France. She wood have needed an translator.
misspelled would!! Put a period, instead of a comma. Early in the morning.
Laughable. Let's try this. #'s 1,3, and 5...go to the most expensive jewelry store in your city and ask to see a $30K piece of jewely...which is about what the cost of that handbag was. Actually, $38K...almost $40K. Most yearly salaries are within this range and some a lot less...the price of dam* vehicle even. When you get your results, please come back and tell us how it went...record the whole conversation at that. Be honest. Yeah, right.

"Yeah, Lucky! I went to Tiffany's and they gave me a $40K tennis bracelet, and, told me to take it home for my wife to try it on and see if she liked it and everything. Didn't even ask me any questions...just handed it to me so there!!!"
@LuckyLoser You are doing a lot of assuming, like you always do. Do you know what happens when you do that? How many foreign countries have you been in? Don't you think that clerk knows who Oprah is? I can assure you she knows Oprah is a very wealthy woman. Don't be naïve, it didn't happen the way Oprah is saying. Every black person and the libel press is assuming, Oprah is correct. Just like they assumed, George Zimmerman was guilty! When you assume something, you make an ass-u-me.
Okay, CARBOB. Ho-hum. You go to the jewelry store and give us results...that's all. As for me, I've been to Kuwait as a soldier and contractor, Iraq as contractor, UAE (Dubai), Germany, and China...that's it for me. You?

Are you familiar with Breitling watches? Do you know how much they run? I could only LOOK AT THEM...not even touch or hold them when I was overseas. I bought a few very high quality knock-offs which most people can't even tell. I was told that for 'security' reasons the watches must remain in the case. Oprah's deal wasn't security-based according the story. That would've been a better reason than the one's the attendant gave.

Tell ya what, CB. Go on down to Tiffany's and demand to hold a real $30K bracelet. When they come out and tell you they have 'similar offerings' at a much lesser cost...Cubic Zirconia, let us know how it went. We are ALL profiled, to some extent, in terms of how others perceive what we can do or afford. It's proven every day and if you don't believe it, then please hook me up with your supplier so I can smoke some , too.

Guess I'd better just finish you off, 'BOB...since you're taking take so long to get the bracelet. Your comment of all blacks thinking GZ was guilty parallels all whites thinking OJ was guilty...buddy. Look at the outcomes of both trials REGARDLESS of all the LOGIC behind them in the end which pointed otherwise. You're too easy for me because you're emotional just like the rest.

So, justice was done for OJ in your opinion, right? Was he innocent in your opinion? Did the FACTS SPEAK as your buddy MADDOG said they did about GZ? Every last one of you assumed...and just knew he was guilty if only on pure LOGIC if nothing else. Just like I said about GZ. Talking points is a strong area of mine these days, so be sure of your angle(s) when you approach me. Yeah, what you said in your very last sentence. Good day.
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