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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Girl, 9, battered by stranger in Best Buy

Well, comment, yet, on this guy committing a senseless assault on a helpless little girl in a public restroom. I mean, I can hear the queen ant giving orders to the workers in the bed across the street. Oh, but people were having hemorrhages 'cause I hadn't got around to the Chris Lane incident...called me out on it. Took care of it like I do anything bias. Now, those same people's mouths are seemingly sewn shut concerning a little girl assaulted, and, probably molested.

Dare I say race is the issue...or the lack of it maybe? It's not a black guy, which could be the issue, so it doesn't work with the racial bias agenda maybe? Wonder what color that little girl is? Not that it matters, but it's gonna be pertinent at some point. Let's see, helpless War Vet attacked by low lifes and an even more helpless little girl attacked by an EVEN LOWER LIFE. The boys in the joint will frown on both but, they'll put a hit out on the guy for touching that little girl.

Do you have a daughter? Have you ever been to Wal-Mart with her? Has she ever went on her own way to look at dolls and nice girlie things? Did you have to walk a bit and look around while calling her name trying to locate her? Yeah, could've very well been your daughter...and you're okay with it via your silence. Yep, that 'color-based assailant' society is manifesting right before your eyes.
Off topic here. Since there's quite the concern about lawlessness in high places, and, the abuse of 'high places', can someone in the "clique" give David Dewhurst a call and tear him a new azz for abusing his power? Yeah, one of his relatives was arrested and booked for theft...she left with a bunch of groceries unpaid for. So, David called and made certain that EVERYONE knew his position with the state half a dozen times, and, threw his weight around in an attempt to get her released. He didn't want any 'special treatment'...he's just David Dewhurst, and, "You don't know me but, I'm the biggest contributor. What's your name, again? How do you spell that? Now, what's your supervisor's name? What's his number? Can you call him?

To my friend Michael's credit, he laid into him this morning. Could've done better, but he didn't ignore it like some yellow bellies I know. Gonna see what Rush and Sean have to say about such abuse of power.
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