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Monday, July 29, 2013


Blacks bash white man: 'This is for Trayvon'

Pretty   stupid, thuggish, and uncalled for. If true, this would be the reason why people do, in fact, look over their shoulders, clutch purses, lock doors, and follow a certain type of black male...per the president's speech. They didn't have that to do at all. Somebody out there reading this post doesn't like it or me either, but that's just fine.

Now, if this was GZ that they beat down, I'd prolly be okay with it. Not so much because of what he did, but HOW I BELIEVE IT ENDED UP HAPPENING...because of how he went about it. Should've stayed his scary a** in his truck, but that gun gave him the courage to follow and charge that boy up unjustly. If he wouldn't have had that 9mm, he would've been showing the regular cops which way Trayvon he should've done in the first place. Tell me I'm lying.
Geez LL, I wonder how you'd be feeling if the shoe was on the other foot and that was you, and some white boys bashed you and said this was for little chris in Georgia...
Well, MADDOG, I did cut right down the middle in my first paragraph...I didn't give these guys a free pass BY FAR. You, how ever, seem to think that GZ was the absolute angel in the case and that every word he spoke was the gospel truth when logic shows there were holes everywhere from day one. There is ALWAYS (2) side to every story and a dead kid can't talk. I didn't give Trayvon a free pass either...I said he had thuggish ways, remember?

GZ beat a cop, beat his wife, and had allegations of molesting a little girl which actually makes sense seeing as to how he did TUTOR little kids at his home. Oh, but no one wants to cover any of that like they exploited Trayvon's past, you know. GZ was a devil in his younger age and did stupid things just like Trayvon. You think GZ never smoked weed, or, did anything else? What was he sniffing that made him pile drive a cop? Listen, you seem to be pretty reasonable for the most part but, how are you so naive to the logic here? Wake up, dude. GZ was getting his a** handed to him after he provoked the boy...thought he had an easy mark. After Trayvon put him on his head, yeah, he got scared and shot the boy. Sucker punch my a**. With what Trayvon apparently knew, a heads up fight was standard issue. MMA fighters don't sucker punch, do they? Uh huh.

Talk about naïve. what cut down the middle? you're the one who's acting very one sided and naïve.
I want you to show me in any one of my post that I think GZ is an angel. Absolutely, there are two sides to every story and no matter what you say, it's not going to change the outcome.
You can put whatever you want to say that GZ has done, and it doesn't mean one da**ed thing about this case. You can say whatever you want about what Trayvon has done and it doesn't mean anything either, What it goes to show is that he didn't know too much after all did he? If he chose to use his fist instead of his mouth, then again he didn't know what he was doing.
The point is clear. GZ was tried but NOT convicted, case closed.!

Your 6th sentence describes the epitome of being naive.
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