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Friday, May 17, 2013


Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails, CBS News Report Claims


How do we know if there has not been shenanigans done by those who released them?
Why did it take so long to release them? So they could work up a deceitful plan about shenanigans?
I would not trust the white house at all on this especially as to what has been going down lately.
The white house is in deep sh!t and they know it. They will try to pull anything at this point.

Fuk them and the devils carriage they rode in on.
These are "leaked" documents. I will withhold judgement until there is an official response from the GOP.
You know, " leaked" or not, it still doesn't mitigate the facts of what happened. It seems as though everyone is throwing a cloud of " what if " to cover the real answer. They need to clean up point "A", before moving on to points B,C,D,E,F,G, ect, ect.
Clarify, then move on....!
So this is coming from CBS news, the news organization with a history of false and altered news stories?

Don't believe the media.
They've been Dan Rathered up.
Lil wee wee that don't make sense to no one but you. Geez!
Did Obama's Cheerleading Squad, I mean the HuffandPuffington Post say something?
Too late guys, too many lies, too many coverups, too little credibility.
OK, back to your usual routine:
Deep Throat go sit down in your rocker old man and have a drink of whiskey and smoke your pipe.
Why don't you go volunteer at one of your abortion chambers to mop up the blood of the more than 1,000 black babies that you Democrats kill EVERY SINGLE DAY?
How 'bout it, Sport?
What is it that you do not understand about sticking to the subject? "Repubs altered Benghazi emails, CBS News Report" You can't be that dense or are you?
Is that more important than the 1,000 plus black babies that you Democrats kill everyday?
Why don't you want people to know you wholeheartedly support and vote for those black babies to be killed?
Tell us why.
Are black babies the only ones being killed? What about white, Asian, Hispanic, ... What's wrong, the cat's got your fat hypocrite tongue. SAD. It's easy to tell a racist...they hate them all, but focus on one. If you died today, where do you think you would go?
YOU are the one killing the 1,000 black babies EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I am the one trying to stop you.
That makes YOU the racist.
Answer the question bubba, where do you think you would go if you died today? Since you don't know bubba Iwill answer it for you. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
Stop being a racist and explain why you kill 1,000 black babies EVERY SINGLE DAY.
How about it Mr Black Baby Killer?
Answer the question bubba, where do you think you would go if you died today? Since you don't know bubba Iwill answer it for you. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

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