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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem

Let's just say the Republicans are the problem
Let's just say the Libertarians are the problem.
Let's just say the Independents are the problem.
It really doesn't matter.
Cuz everybody knows...
Obama and the democrats are the problem.
Heh heh heh heh heh...
Lets just say the "democratic socialist are the problem"

I think Negroes with Guns are the problem...Ha,Ha...
if we can get republicans out of congress,then nobody can stop obama from helping the 99ers.republicans only start wars and help the wealthy to get richer!
Dependence on the govt. is a problem, fascist regime in the executive is a problem, downright laziness is a problem, class and racist rhetoric from the regime is a problem, not taking responsibility for anything is a problem................
No! who's the problem is jacka$$ like you LottoBONER use it somewhere else, what a BONER!
scorpio said:
"if we can get republicans out of congress,then nobody can stop obama from helping the 99ers."

Why do democrats always need "help" scorpio?
Can't you do anything on your own without government "help?"
Too stupid maybe?
There's plenty of terrible Republicans. But I've found quite a few intellectually honest and decent Republicans in office, and I've only found a couple Democrats who have the same characteristics. Obviously I tend to agree with the Republicans far more often, but that's beside the point.

If this article proved anything, it's that Fox News isn't the only news organization with a bias, and that's because they cater to different markets. So when left wingers talk about how terrible it is, they should keep in mind that NBC and Washington Post are just as biased.

Not to mention that the entire premise could essentially be boiled down to "I disagree with them, they should go away," along with a few unethical acts committed by Republicans, but I must ask, aren't there plenty of unethical acts by Democrats, too?

The mindset is the problem. The government is just too big, and too involved in our lives. Too much warfare is a problem, and our dependent culture is a big problem.
NBC is just as biased as Fox News?
Fox News isn't biased, NBC is.

Fox News leans to the right in their opinion and commentary shows. Their news however, is fair, balanced and unbiased.
NBC puts a blatantly biased leftward spin on the news itself, just as all the mainstream news media do.
Everybody knows that.
No comparison.

Fox also gives both sides on their opinion and commentary shows, featuring prominent liberals as anchors and regular guests and contributors. People like Jehmu Greene and Sally Kohn and Jesse Jackson's daughter, Santita, and Allen Colmes and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera and many others.
Show me a liberal station that does that with Conservatives.

Juan Williams was fired from liberal NPR for saying something they didn't agree with.
Pat Buchanan was fired from super liberal MSNBC for writing a book they didn't agree with.
If you don't stay politically correct and tow the liberal line in the mainstream news media, you're gone.
Fox News, on the other hand, allows all sides to express their opinions, whatever they may be.

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