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Friday, January 28, 2011


Americans won't buy the tea party's free market snake oil

Americans won't buy the tea party's free market snake oil


11:30 AM EST, January 26, 2011



In the topsy-turvy, Alice-in-Wonderland alternative universe of the tea party and its Republican toadies, small-government and free-market economic policy will save the nation from disaster. In fact, as thinking Americans know full well, the current economic crisis is largely due to the unmitigated greed of Wall Street banks and American homeowners, abetted for years by the "free market" nonsense that Reps. Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann continue to foist on the public. When the history of this era is written, it will be clear that the Obama administration's aggressive action saved the nation from a fate far worse than the current recession.


B. Krueger

Ellicott City, Maryland 


The Baltimore Sun

They are entitled to their opinion.
Hey you hear what happen yesterday or so? A couple legislators introduced a bill to subsidize the purchase of electic cars again. Only comes to a few billion. These cars are something like $45,000.00 or so. Now what kind of income does it take to purchase a car in that price range. And they complain about giving tax breaks to the wealthy.
Budget crisis or what?
Figured I would find the article about the elec cars.

The answer to our problems is to spend, spend, spend. And regulate to the point where it unprofitable to do research and develop new products. Once our industry is completely stamped out from overburdening regulations - the government can grow and supply us with jobs - all at a loss of course.

Honestly - did AIG deserve the huge bailout they got, and if so, did their CEOs deserve the millions they got in bonuses that year?

And when we can't afford the interest on the debts we make? Well that's in the future, so we don't have to worry about it.

Will everyone in the future talk about how the Obama administration saved this country? Or how he and Bush collectively put us into a huge uncontrollable debt?

I think it's pretty common sense that OVER-regulation will and have destroyed our economy. In some circumstances, like what happened in 2007, SOME areas of the economy broke due to no regulations, however, regulations like we've been seeing in the past few decades have made doing business in this country way too difficult. That's why we've got a stagnant economy that's losing jobs every day.

I like the new direction of the Republican party - because I don't want to see the day when interest surpasses government revenue. At that point we'll have few options - either literally dissolve the United States, re-negotiate our debts with foreign countries (how are we going to tell China, the UK, and the rest of our debtors that we can't pay them back - and how do you think they will respond) or refuse to pay our debts back. And what happens if we lose status as World Reserve currency before we stabilize our monetary system. (Oil- and therefore everything else's - price would get driven up, alongside with it being very possible for huge amounts of inflation side by side with it.)

So that's why we're talking about fiscal discipline and returning to free market principles - because the fact is - the United States hasn't had a free market economic system for a very long time.
Screw free market. Free market means people over estimate their worth and want all they can get. Why should an electric car (or any car) cost so much?

I'd buy an electric car in a minute - but it better be priced below $10,000, incl taxes and other costs.

So? How do you get the price down that low for ANY electric? Outlaw union wages. Limit corporate executive salaries. Drastically reduce CEO salary and bonuses.

Not just at the auto companies but to all the suppliers as well. Suddenly you will have a booming economy.
Because- it took money to research and produce the technology for electric cars- and the consumers are going to pay for it. That's how markets work. It's not perfect - because again - we don't have a free market - but it's generally more effective than any other system as long as the regulations on the free market or simple and don't overburden them.

Another reason that Electric Cars are so expensive is simply supply and demand. There simply isn't a high enough demand for Electric Cars because there aren't enough charging stations set up.

Transitions to new technology (even if it isn't complicated) takes a while - and at the beginning of course it's going to be expensive.

Besides skipping all of the overburdening regulations, a free market allows businesses to find and take advantage of the most efficient ways of doing business - without the government interfering. But, because the free market does often put profit margins above all else - there has to be some regulation... most of the time those regulations are simple and common sense - like making cars mandatory have seat belts and making auto companies test crash their cars.

Simply put, I wouldn't be surprised if one of our last industries that was still going strong, Pharmaceutical, is going to die. Their simply is no incentive left to do preliminary research in this country - because of the cost of all of the regulations have on all stages of research. And with all of the unnecessary regulations on the industry - they are losing their profit margins. Guess what profit margins create.... JOBS!!! That's right, if a company starts losing all of it's money, they have to lay off employees, and if all of the companies are doing that, the economy goes into recession.
To add to that a free market emplies that I have the freedom to spend my money how I want, when I want, and on what I want, without having to worry about the government telling me what I can spend my money on. That doesn't sound like the American system to me.

I believe in all of this because I believe in freedom.... I also believe that freedom has been taken away to a huge extreme in this nation.

EG: It is illegal to sell milk straight from a cow. You can give it away - but if you sell milk that hasn't been pasteurized, you face a 5 year federal prison sentence. That does not sound like a free market to me.
When the microwave first came out even the middle class couldn't afford them ,everything come down with time.
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