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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Let Obama do the job we elected him to do


Letter: Let Obama do the job we elected him to do

March 12, 2010 05:30 am

To the editor:

Columnist Thomas Friedman wrote earlier this year that we wouldn't need any financial stimulus if the American people had confidence in Washington. I have to agree.

President Obama has allowed me to survive almost two years of unemployment. I, like millions of others, happened to be working in an industry — home renovations — that vanished when the economy crashed.

I think Obama is a man with more intelligence, integrity and strength than we've seen in decades. Our representatives need to exhibit the same integrity, strength and intelligence, and give him a chance. If they don't go beyond their individual needs to address the needs of our country, we won't have an environment to leave our children, an educational system, health care or a financial system.

Forget leaving a deficit for them. The deficit is critical to our financial stability; but saying no to everything paralyzes us and we're losing credibility as a nation. As Obama pointed out, he inherited the bulk of that deficit, anyway! How do Republicans have the nerve to act as if he created it?

I'm actually more afraid of our politicians than I am terrorists. If that's the Republican strategy, which it appears to be, there are millions of people whose lives are being destroyed by it, and that role model for our children will do more damage than any deficit ever will.

Obama is attempting to bring an intelligent, collaborative approach to a shark tank. Competition and self-interest are valued in the current political arena, and collaboration, kindness and working for the general good are considered signs of weakness.

The president's not playing a game to win, he's trying to tap the "brain trust" we've sent to Washington and get something done. I hope they can start providing some intelligent alternatives, and let him do it.


Barbara Bowker


This lady is really drinking the Kool-Aid. Obama has a intelligent, collaborative approach? I guess he collaborates with the people he hired around him, but he doesn't seem to collaborate with the American people, who overwhelmingly want to ditch the horrendous "health care" bill. And he doesn't collaborate with Republicans, who have called for REAL reform of health care that actually solves the root problems, rather than having government take over one-sixth of the economy. Americans reject Socialism.
What planet is she living on? Obama is mandating a concept which has not worked in countries which have collapsed due to it or are in the process of collapsing. That concept does not and never will serve the people it enslaves to support it.
Let Obama do the job "we" elected him to do.
Strike out the "we" and insert "his supporters".
A clear majority of Americans do not want the govt involved with our health care. The money will be collected for three years before the program even begins. This is simply going to be a slush fund for the govt to continue its fraudulent and illegal activities.
If they vote against the people on this, it will be strike THREE.

1) the TARP bill
2) the stimulus bill
3) the health care bill

What will it take for the people to understand that we do not have a representative government anymore?!?

lf you dont like Obama thats fine, but let him do his . Do you people think about the hard working people who have diseases and cant go to the hospital because they dont have health insurance? l guess not.
Thanks adb788 I was beginning to wonder if there was nay support here......
I do not know of a single person who has been refused medical treatment. Nor do you. All this trash talk about people being refused medical care because they do not have health insurance is a load of that smelly stuff that hits the fan. Every example the communist flaunt as being hurt due to lack of health care has had their actual plight exposed for all to see. They get the medical care they need. Always have; always will.
This is nothing more than an attempt by the communists to bring this country done.

Stop and think about it. If everyone lived off the government, why would anyone lift a finger to produce electricity, build a car, grow food, open a corner grocery, package corn flakes, or repair a road? That is what is going on in all those other socialist countries. No one is stupid enough to wake up at six each morning, drive to work, spend 9 hours doing a loathsome job, drive home, fix supper, wash the dishes, clean the house, and then go to bed so they can do it all again tomorrow.

What made this country great was the total lack of government interference. If you did not work, you did not eat. So everyone found some way to produce goods and services which they traded for money.

Today we have a class of people who want to do nothing yet want what everyone else has. As time goes on, those who are working today will see what is happening and will join the ranks of those living off government taxes. What will happen when 98% of the population joins those ranks? No food, no roads, no electricity, no decent shelter and long lines when food does appear.

Go for it. I won't be around long enough to see it so I don't care.

You don't start, by blaming what someone else left you with and then cripple the situation by bailing every Tom , Dick and Harry out, all the while thinking you've got the answer.
yes the economy was'nt anywhere near what it should have been, but Obammy wanted this job and said "there is Change" in the air? what? from bad to worse???!
This is nothing more than a typical Democratic response.   Spend, spend, spend. Things will get better..!
Yes George should've tried to do better, but he did'nt, so that was this schmucks cue to drive the economy farther down the tube, and now he wants to force the american people to take health care or else.!    BUll...!
What this jelly-bean needs to do is own up and do the job he was elected to do and then he may have the support of the public.
In my opinion, he has'nt got the brains that GOD gave a jack-ass without looking at a prompter to say what should be said.
This is my opinion, and for those who don't like it, it's your fault, not mine....!

Wow people dont know how good they had it all these years.............always want more and more on minium wage for 30 years with no insurance than you can say you have it rough.And have no education and have poor vision.but cant get disability.communist here in american is coming ......why people with good paying jobs are pricing themselves out of a job.Obama cant fix greed it is here in america and in Washington D.C.
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