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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Paper Runs Ad Calling for Obama's Assassination

Friday, May 29, 2009

Paper Runs Ad Calling for Obama's Assassination

A Pennsylvania newspaper should be expecting a visit from the Secret Service soon. The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer published an ad on Thursday that called for the assassination of President Barack Obama.

It wasn't like the ad was a want ad for an assassin; rather, it was one of those small personal ads that you might see run in the classified section of a local paper, but rather than saying something like "Happy Birthday, So-and-So," the ad said "May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!" All four of those presidents, of course, were assassinated in office.

The PT-O posted an apology:

"An errant classified 'personal' ad which appeared in Thursday's Times Observer has drawn the attention of law enforcement officials.

"A person from Warren placed the ad, which apparently alludes to the wish that President Obama meet an untimely end by linking him with four assassinated presidents. The ad representative didn't make the connection among the four other presidents mentioned and mistakenly allowed the ad to run.

"Upon realizing the mistake early Thursday morning, the ad was immediately discontinued and the identity of the person who placed the ad was turned over to Warren City Police as per newspaper policy. The local police department forwarded the information to federal authorities, as per department policy.

"The Times Observer apologizes for the oversight."
I can understand perhaps not making the connection, but I can't understand how anyone would think running this ad would not attract the attention of the Secret Service. The paper surely knows who the person who placed the ad is, and there will be a visit, that's for certain.

This is the direct result of liberal educaion, stupid is as stupid does, it reflects the lack of historical knowledge the proofer has.   One can also conclude the same lack of intellectual curiosity and shallow thought processes is what got PUPPETOTUSPOS elected.   And if the secret service goes after this moron they are even more moronic for doing so.
Well if it should happen and he comes back to life then we'll know who he is in the book of Revelation!
Hey jarasan, did you see those ppl on the street on the JayWalking segments on the tonight show? Amazing the morons walking around among us. But it's not all their fault what with the dummy down educ. agenda and the floride and the boob tube, etc. I just heard about the gov. went after the inventor of Hooked on Phonics because it actually taught ppl to read!!!
Did not someone called for the assination of George Bush during his Presidency? I believe so. I remember the outrage on the consevative blogs and the praise for the speaker on the liberal blogs (yes, I read both). I do not recall that person every having to answer for their loose lips. I guess when the President is Democrat, threats are taken seriously but if he/she is a Republican, then "Hey! It was just a joke?"

I remember calls for, cartoons depicting the assassination of Pres. Bush. The press was all but handing out implements to do it with, no doubt high-fiving each other in the background because they'd accomplished what they'd been paid to do. Marxists excuse any sort of heinous behavior undertaken by themselves.
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