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Personal attacks are not allowed on Lottery Post.

I am pretty much hands-off with regard to your opinions as you want to state them on the blogs.  However, that does not grant carte blanche to members who want to criticize someone with regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, or political viewpoint.

Also, if you're going to abuse the formatting of this website to post everything in giant block letters, your message is going to be deleted.  Shouting your attacks by posting them in giant block letters only proves that you are incapable of expressing your opinion in a legitimate, intelligent manner.

If you personally feel things are bad in this country for one reason or another and you need to attack the other side and call them whatever names come to your mind, then I'd advise you to not post that on Lottery Post.  We are a lottery website that permits free discussion in the blogs, but remember this is primarily a lottery website.  People come here to discuss the lottery, not politics.

At the end of the day please keep in mind that each of us are here because we all love playing the lottery.  See, there is common ground among us all.  Build on that, rather than using Lottery Post to divide us.


  • Thank You! Very well stated.

    By MADDOG10, at 1:08 PM

  • Thank you for this post. As hard as it is i do my level headed best not to get involved in the back and fourth rhetoric. if I've learned anything over the years is it's nearly impossible to share your views without backlash.

    By four4me, at 1:20 PM

  • TY! Backlash is occurring bigly, the mask has been removed from the big tech oligarchy, they have been exposed as violators of basic 1st amendment rights. The socials are now enjoying punishing their perceived enemies.

    By jarasan, at 1:25 PM

  • fwiw Todd 😒
    some folks ought to lose thar blogging privileges' unless they can post something positive once a month

    By hearsetrax, at 1:40 PM

  • Well said, Todd. Thank you!

    By Lucky Star, at 3:22 PM

  • Thanks Todd, I'm combative, yes, but I will not be problem child anymore.

    By sully16, at 7:31 PM

  • @Sully, I believe Todd is writing about me. You did have your perks though.. ha...little jumpy much for your rep?

    By Pick3master3838, at 7:53 PM

  • LOL, no not jumpy, but I know I'm guilty , so I'll leave it that, unless you think we can get away with a big fight on Todd's blog.... just kidding, just kidding.

    By sully16, at 8:32 PM

  • I won't block anyone from posting on my blog, but if there are new rules for posting on someone else's blog, those rules should apply to everybody.

    By Stack47, at 8:54 PM

  • I guess the boss has spoken. lol Time for us to have cold one, chill out, and be friends again. Cheers!!!

    By grwurston, at 10:14 PM

  • Thanks Todd for the clarification and GOOD LUCK to all L.P. players!! win bigly!!

    By gregs241, at 4:26 AM

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